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Five methods of Diesel engine saving oil   (DIESELPARTSWORLD)        2016-01-09   

(1) the use of fuel saving smoke detector. The smoke detector is vertically fixed on the fuel saving fuel pump front-end circuit, connected to DC power supply. On the use of diesel engines, smoke significantly. Not only reduce environmental pollution, but also can be saved about 5%.

(2) installation of inertial booster. In the diesel engine installed using the inertia of the turbocharger, generally can increase the power of 15%, fuel consumption decreased by 3% ~ 5%.
(3) to wrap up the toilet paper on the filter element. In the diesel oil filter on the binding of 3 to 2 layers of strong adsorption of toilet paper, can improve the cleanliness of oil, reduce fuel consumption.
(4) the installation of foam plastic air filter. Air filter two filter layer, add a layer of breathable good performance of 8 ~ 20mm thick foam, can improve the filtration effect of save fuel normal combustion and reduce fuel consumption.
(5) return line diversion. The diesel engine oil return pipe connected to the high pressure oil pipe, the oil back into the low pressure oil passage, can guarantee the normal combustion, the fuel saving effect is very remarkable.
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