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Diesel engine history  (DIESELPARTSWORLD)        2015-12-27   

If you look at the history of the most simple way, then the composition of history, including the age, the names of the three elements of the story. While the time span dilute his time and the story, but he should be pleased, because at least his name to be spread. Rudolf Diesel (Diesel Rudofl) a name will never be forgotten.
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An inventor of the fate In the history of science, there will always be that serendipitously in one fell swoop success story take delight in talking about, such as X-rays, penicillin, the cosmic microwave background radiation, and so on. Of course, there is the above achievement is respectable, but there is a kind of equally respectable people: they live in constant exploration, but the achievements are not recognized by the world, until many years after their achievements to flourish. Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine, is one such person.
Diesel was born in 1858 in Paris of France, his father is German Augsburg fine leather manufacturer. After adulthood, Diesel entered the University of Munich, Germany, the University of technology. It during his college in 1876, the German Otto successfully developed the first four stroke gas engine, which is French technicians Rorschach theory of internal combustion engine for the first time by practical application. This achievement inspired was engaged in mechanical power of many engineers, both of which include the later invent the automobile, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, including of power machine is very interested in the young man diesel.
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And is committed to the transformation of an Otto engine Mercedes Benz and Daimler, the idea of diesel is more advance, he want to completely abandon the engine ignition system, by compressing air heating, fuel is injected into the acting of spontaneous combustion, this way is completely different to inhaled gas and mixing gas ignited do work, later known as the "compression type internal combustion engine principle the principle of diesel. Of course diesel produced such a vision is not groundless at all, because there was no invention distributor and ignition coil, ignition device is simple and stable, the diesel to skip this technological barrier is entirely understandable. Soon, he found inspiration in the French Joseph Molet (Mollet Joseph) invented the pneumatic lighter, and perseverance to explore.
Diesel did not expect that his idea is far more complicated than the invention of the ignition system, the first of which he encountered is the fuel problem. Commonly used gasoline is very active, it is very easy to ignite, but the gasoline can not adapt to a high compression ratio of compression ignition engine, once the gasoline into the combustion chamber containing high temperature, high pressure air, it will be a violent knock cylinder and even explosion. Truncation of gasoline is inevitable, Diesel creatively put his target of vegetable oil. After a series of tests, the attempt to vegetable oil also failed, but he is the first plant oil into an internal combustion engine, so modern advocating "green fuel" the diesel revered as the originator.
The final fuel selection has been locked in the oil cracking product has not been attached to the diesel. Diesel is very stable with respect to gasoline, it is difficult to ignite, and diesel fuel once ignited a lot of black smoke, so it can not be used as kerosene as light. But diesel stability properties is quite suitable in compression ignition type internal combustion engine, in the compression ratio is very high diesel will not knock, which is di Purcell. After nearly 20 years of painstaking research, diesel finally in 1892 trial into the first stage compression ignition internal combustion engines, also is the diesel engine.
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The diesel machine cylinder inhalation of pure air, reoccupy piston strong compression, the volume of air is reduced to about 15 times, temperatures of up to 500 - 700 degrees, and then use compressed air to the diesel mist sprayed into the cylinder, cylinder and in high temperature pure air mixing, because the cylinder is already have a high temperature and injection diesel self combustion of acting. In February 27, 1892, Diesel made a patent for this technology.
Is the biggest characteristic of diesel engine fuel, high thermal efficiency, but diesel first trial of diesel engine is not stable, 1894, diesel improved diesel engine can run for about 1 minute and, despite his diesel is unstable, but diesel is eager to cast it into commercial production, because his rival early in 1886 the gasoline engine is arranged on the vehicle, and eight years later, gasoline engine has invested commercial operation. The technology does not understand the commercial operation of the inventor made the biggest mistake in life, he was eager to market 20 diesel engine due to technical clearance, have been returned, which not only gave him a huge economic burden, more important is the impact of the diesel engine in the public's impression, in the next few years, almost no manufacturers or individuals willing to assemble a diesel engine. There is no source of funds and debt, which makes the diesel age into extreme poverty. October 29, 1913, the 55 year old diesel alone stand in crossing the English Channel on the deck of a ship, by the waves involved in the sea (most historians believe that diesel is committed suicide by jumping into a sea of). In order to commemorate Diesel, people named the diesel engine Diesel.
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