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engine lubricating oil (DIESELPARTSWORLD)        2015-12-27   

The movement of the liquid under the action of external force, the internal friction between the molecules of liquid producing capacity. Is the main performance index of lubricating oil.
Viscosity is an important quality index of lubricating oil. Lubrication and sealing of the role of oil should be suitable for the viscosity, so that oil can be formed on the friction surface of the oil film thickness of the film; and cooling and cleaning effect is required to use a low viscosity lubricating oil. Therefore, it should be based on the comprehensive consideration, the correct choice of oil viscosity.
cam plate
Oil index samples
Method for representing oil viscosity:
The dynamic viscosity stress at certain shear flow when the internal friction force measurement units of Pascal seconds
The unit of measure two meters per second flow kinematic viscosity of the liquid under the action of gravity when the internal friction force
Conditional viscosity
Viscosity temperature property
Temperature variation characteristics of lubricating oil viscosity
Viscosity index of viscosity temperature
oxidation stability
Antioxidant capacity of lubricating oil
resistance to corrosion
Corrosion of inorganic acids produced by inorganic acids in lubricating oils. Improvement measures: to deepen the depth of the refining to add preservatives
Clean dispersion
The ability of lubricating oil to uniformly disperse in the lubricating oil. Improvement measures: adding detergent dispersant
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