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Meaning of diesel label (DIESELPARTSWORLD)        2015-12-27   

In daily life, especially in the gas station, we often see the big trucks waiting to refuel, to know that these large trucks are all diesel engines, usually used in the fuel is diesel. In the southern region, the gas station generally see No. 0 diesel oil more, winter will have -5 and -10 etc.. In fact, diesel labeling generally can be divided into 10, 5, 0, -5, -10, -20, different grades of diesel prices are not the same. Diesel label said its frost resistance in winter, generally need to add -10 or -30 diesel, summer 0 is enough.
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A lot of people think that 0 diesel oil as long as the temperature at 0 C can be used normally, this is mainly due to the anti freezing performance of diesel caused by. In fact, there are two indicators to measure the anti freezing performance of diesel oil, that is, cold filter point and condensation point. Condensation point refers to the diesel in the low temperature environment to lose the flow of the highest temperature, the main impact of the transport and storage of diesel; cold filter point for diesel fuel system when the filter will cause the maximum temperature, it directly affects the fuel supply of the engine. Announced at the national standard diesel provisions: No. 0 diesel oil cold filter plugging point of not more than 4 DEG C (diesel can through the screen of the highest temperature), the freezing point is no more than 0 DEG C (diesel condensation temperature) and diesel No. - 10 of the condensation point of not more than 10 DEG C, the filter is not higher than 5 DEG C. No matter what kind of label of diesel, with the continuous reduction of temperature, are the first through the cold filter point and then through the condensation point.

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