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The role of spark plug  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19    

The role of spark plug
Spark plug spark plugs), commonly known as fire nozzle, its role is the pulsed high voltage discharge high voltage wire fire mouth lines) sent, air between two electrode spark plug, resulting in electric spark this ignition cylinder gas mixture.
The basic conditions of high performance engine: high energy and stable spark, high compression ratio, high compression ratio and high compression ratio.
In simple terms, the role of the spark plug is the ignition coil generated by the introduction of pulse high voltage electric combustion chamber, the use of electric spark ignited by the electrode to ignite the mixture, complete combustion.
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The role of spark plug
Spark plug is only a small part, but it is extremely important, without it the engine will not move.
The gasoline ignited high (about 400 degrees), which requires the use of forced ignition ignites the mixture.
Spark plug in the role of a: in the combustion chamber to generate a spark, ignite the hybrid power generation.
Through the phenomenon of the discharge between the electrodes of the spark, the gasoline engine is through the fuel and the mixed gas timely combustion to generate power, but as a fuel for gasoline even in a high temperature environment is also very difficult to spontaneous combustion, to enable the timely combustion it is necessary to use fire to ignite. The spark ignition is the "spark plug".
The spark plug two: sealed spark plug, in order to maintain the pressure in the cylinder.
Usually from the ignition coil through electric disc through a conducting wire and high-voltage power supply plug about 2 million to 3 million volts, coupled with the spark plug electrodes must often in the combustion chamber with about 45 times above atmospheric pressure environment, but also to maintain a high air tightness. Therefore, in such a harsh environment, the quality of the spark plug and durability will directly affect the performance of the engine performance, so do not pay attention to.


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