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DIESELPARTSWORLD VE Injection Pumps parts       2015-12-26

The function of the element is to meter and deliver the metered fuel. Element consists of barrel and plungers. The rotary motion of the plunger inside the barrel regulates the quantity of fuel and an upward motion delivers the fuel. The plunger is precisely fitted to the barrel with very small clearance to form a perfect sealing. They should be replaced as a set (barrel and plunger). Element Types: A, B, K, Q, P, CAV-Simms, Bryce, Deutz, PALelements

The main purpose of the Fuel Injection Nozzle is to direct and atomise the metered fuel into the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber design dictates the type of nozzle, the droplet size and the spray required to acheive complete combustion within a given time and space.

The assembly of all parts of the injector other than the nozzle is known as the nozzle holder. The main purpose of the nozzle holder assembly is to position and hold the fuel injection nozzle in the cylinder head. It also has a passage through which the fuel from the high pressure pipes flow to the nozzle. This is also a passage for the flow of excess fuel from the nozzle.

Multi Hole Long Stem Nozzles used on Direct Injections modern Diesel Engines fitted to Commercial Vehicles, Industrial & Agricultural applications. DLL-Snozzles
MultiHole Short Stem Nozzles DL-S types
Pintle Type DN-S
Pintaux Type DNOSDC
Korean Type DNOPDN

Delivery valve has the following functions :
To assist in the rapid built of pressure in the injection line. delivery valve

To cut of the flow of fuel at the termination of fuel injection pulse. They are seated on top of the element.

The function of feedpump is to deliver the fuel from the fuel tank to fuel injection pump through the fuel filter. The feed pump is attached to the injection pump and driven by its camshaft.
feed pump

Hand primer is screwed in to the feed pump above the suction valve. They are used to pump the fuel from the tank to the fuel injection pump when the engine is at rest.
hand primer

These are inline pumps used for small low speed Diesel Engine. The flange mounted fuel injection pump is cam-operated, spring return plunger pump of constant-stroke. The fuel delivery is controlled by the angular displacement of the plunger with regulating edge according to the instantaneous output charge of the diesel engines. The angular displacement of the plunger is derived from the regulating bar acting on the plunger control sleeve.

The fuel should be properly filtered before entering the Injection pump. This function is carried out by the fuel filter assembly. The fuel enters the primary filter and then to the secondary micro filter before passing to fuel injection pump. The filter cleans the fuel.(Fuel Filters not included in the Assembly)

Nozzle testers help testing injection nozzle opening pressure, leakage spray pattern, atomization and chatter characteristic tests. The tester consists off pump body with hand lever, fuel container in transparent plastic, fuel filter, cock and pressure gauge with two graduations: 0-400 kg/cm2 and 0-600 lbs/inch2.
nozzle tester

Two connecting pipes to nozzle holder with union nuts M12 x 1.5 and M14 x 1.5 are included.

Weight: 5.5 kgs.

Glow Plugs are critical to the smooth, efficient starting of diesel engines, including cars, vans, light commercial vehicles and off highway equipment. High quality performance is vital in achieving the required starting temperatures readily, without compromising on the plug's durability. The extensive range includes Dual Coil, Long Post Heat, single and wire type glow plugs that ensure more effective combustion and improved emissions, resulting in smoother cold engine running.

The function of overflow valve is to allow passage for fuel from the filter, back to the fuel tank. This flow of fuel takes place only if the pressure inside the filter assembly exceeds a set pressure limit.

Diaphragm is a part of pneumatic governor. The main function of the governor is to maintain a nearly constant speed at any point between the idling speed and the maximum speed position. Pneumatic governors has been designed to provide sensitive speed control within the entire operating range of the engine.

The test benaches are used for testing injection nozzle opening pressure, leakage Spray pattern, atomisation & chatter characteristic tests.

The test benches are suitable for wide range of fuel injection pumps including rotary and distributor types and covers every possible requirement for testing the full range of pumps. Very high precision indeed is demanded for the fuel delivery, port closing and speed control of modern diesel fuel injection systems-primarily so that optimum fuel consumption/power output ratios can be achieved.
test bench
13.What is a turbocharger?
A turbocharger is an exhaust gas driven supercharger.Exhaust gas from an engine is used to drive a turbine connected by a common shaft to a compressor.This compressor in turn is used to supply air under pressure to the engine, which combined with the correct amount of fuel has the effect of increasing the output of the engine over that of an engine of equal size without a turbocharger.The amount of this increase can vary considerably from 10% too as much as 500% in some isolated cases.



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