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Type of engine boost system (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19    

Type of engine boost system
Turbocharged engine system is mainly divided into: Turbo, twin turbo, mechanical booster, turbocharged + mechanical booster and non mainstream. Today, most of the use of exhaust gas turbocharger.
Classification of turbo charging system
Mechanical pressurization system
This device is mounted on the engine and by the belt and the crank shaft of the engine is connected, from the engine output shaft power to drive the turbocharger rotor rotation, which will blow to the pressurized air inlet guhya tract. The utility model has the advantages that the turbine speed and the engine are the same, so there is no hysteresis, and the power output is very smooth. But because the engine is mounted in the rotating shaft, it is still a part of the power consumption, the effect is not high.
Gas wave pressurization system
Pulse gas wave forcing air compression using high pressure exhaust gas. The system has good performance and good acceleration, but the whole device is quite bulky, and it is not suitable to be installed in a smaller car.
Exhaust gas turbo charging system
This is what we usually the most common turbocharger device, and the engine without any mechanical contact, in fact, is an air compressor, through the compressed air to increase the intake. It is discharged by the engine exhaust gas inertia momentum to drive the turbine room of the turbine, turbine driven by another coaxial impeller, the impeller pressure to send air sent by the air filter pipe, so that pressurized into the cylinder. When the engine speed is increased, the exhaust gas rate and misfortune wheel speed synchronization faster, the impeller is compressed more air into the cylinder, air pressure and density increase to burn more fuel, with a corresponding increase in the amount of fuel can increase the output power of the engine.
In general, the engine power and torque should be increased by 20% - 30% after theinstallation of exhaust gas turbocharger. But the exhaust turbocharger technology has its must pay attention to the place, that the pump wheel and turbine connected by a shaft rotor, namely, the waste gas discharged by the engine wheel drive pump, pump wheel drives the turbine to rotate, the rotating turbine to supercharged air intake system. Turbocharger is installed on the exhaust side of the engine, so high in the working temperature of the turbocharger and supercharger rotor speed at work is very high, reaching hundreds of thousands per minute, turn, such a high speed and temperature makes the common mechanical needle or ball bearings for the rotor can not work, so the turbocharger commonly used full floating bearing, carried out by the lubricating oil, as well as cooling fluid for the supercharger cooling.
Compound pressurization system
The turbocharged and supercharged and, the device in high power diesel engine used in more, the engine output power, fuel consumption rate is low, small noise, just too complex structure, high technology content, maintenance is not easy. Therefore, it is very difficult to popularize and.


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