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Why some cars are generally knock, and some cars are very individual? 2016-01-19   

Why some cars are generally knock, and some cars are very individual?
It can be considered that the compression ratio is too high and the ignition advance. In order to obtain high power, there is no reduction in the compression ratio of origin, in magnet valveorder to obtain a better speed, fuel efficiency, and start to reflect fast, set at the time of the ignition advance angle is very early. This is different from the manufacturer's value orientation.
Why sometimes the car knock also have?
High - grade low, not to the oil or to the oil shortage, then fierce acceleration and easy to drag the accelerator, once the drag block, it will be a knock phenomenon, which has exceeded the normal range of the engine, there is no way. Fuel burst strength can not be completely work, and the impact of the linkage mechanism, causing premature wear, low turn torque force is insufficient, accelerate the powerless, but fuel consumption will be increased and the best fuel economy and protect the engine is in low speed at maximum torque may get the maximum power and the best fuel saving effect. This and the engine in the normal running of the knock is not the same thing. This is why it has always stressed the need to "barbaric" drive and try to maintain the reasons for the turn in the 1800-3000. Less than 1600, if there is no automatic downshift, suddenly refueling is very prone to knock and shift force.
In addition to a number of factors mentioned above, there are other? There are, for example, carbon, knock sensor damage, knock sensors, such as electromagnetic barriers, these are a special case, and can only say that you won the prize or improper use, can not say that the problem of manufacturers.
Solving knock, personal factors:
1, the use of appropriate gasoline label (not to urge everyone to use 97, 97 of the quality of the domestic does not pass, even if it can solve the knock problem, it may not be good. Home after 307 can be used 93, we can only pay attention to the regular gas station on it.
2, clean up carbon deposition;
3, the use of suitable gasoline additives;
4, to avoid high - grade low speed (that is, long - time low speed travel)


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