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Method for preserving Kaifeng rear engine oil  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19   

Method for preserving Kaifeng rear engine oil
Know the cause of the oil pollution and deterioration, following the understanding of Kaifeng after the preservation of oil.d.valve
Oil quality
1 immediately after the closure of Kaifeng, in the 4S shop or repair plant maintenance is completed, should immediately turn the oil bottle cap.
Need to pay attention to is that due to the original factory foil membrane has been destroyed, the rest of the cover cushion isolation effect is limited, this time can use a layer of clear plastic film cover on the bottle, in order to avoid breakage is best to fold several times after, and then twist the cap on the bottle, so that the sealing effect is better some. Conditions can also be in the bottle lid sealing wax.
2 after the oil bottle is sealed, it needs to be stored in a cool place, and to ensure that the sun does not illuminate, to avoid the occurrence of oxidation reaction inside the oil.
. out the oil stored in a long time after the next maintenance, in addition to the engine don't completely into the should be reserved for a part, generally speaking, long time storage oil bottle bottom how much will trace amounts of water, added to engine will affect the performance of play and even produce adverse effects.pencil nozzle
Generally used after the oil seal storage cycle in accordance with the type of difference: the mineral oil storage 6 months of problem is not large; semi synthetic can be stored for 9 months; the whole synthesis can be stored for 12 months or longer. No matter what type of oil, this time is enough to support the next car maintenance.


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