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How long is the oil shelf life  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-19   

How long is the oil shelf life
Oil base oil from underground for thousands of years, and then through the petrochemical plant refining, mainly composed of hydrocarbons, the physical properties are quite stable. Of course there are lubricating oil additives, they are dissolved in the base oil, the diesel nozzleproportion in different levels of quality of products is about 5-30%, unless it is static large temperature difference and stored for a long time, it may have a small amount of additives such as precipitation, white precipitate, but as long as shake or under high temperature conditions (such as running inside the engine) will be dissolved, does not affect the performance and use. It is said, but because the oil is not added to the engine the line, but also to meet the targets of the engine, the engine can work better.
Engine oil requirements
Engine as a machinery for oil lubrication requirements compared with the general mechanical properties of the common side, appropriate viscosity, antioxidant, anti-wear, anti corrosion and viscosity temperature etc., so the deterioration of the oil is unable to join the engine.
Reasons for the deterioration of oil
(total synthesis, semi synthetic, mineral oil) oil shelf life is generally 4-5 years, oil storage contamination and deterioration is mainly caused by oil and air moisture, oxygen and impurities, contact, so after opening the oil must seal preservation.
Effect of moisture on oil shelf life
Under normal circumstances, the water content in the oil is below 0.03%, when the water content of more than 0.1%, the oil additives (antioxidants, detergent dispersant, etc.) will be ineffective, accelerate the oxidation process of oil. Organic acids and organic acids, diesel plungerwhich are produced by the oxidation of oils and the acid oxides in the exhaust gases of the engine, react with water and form inorganic acids. These acidic substances increase the corrosion of the engine. So when the oil contains more water and oil lubrication will become worse, decrease viscosity, light to cause oil premature deterioration and parts of rust; weight is caused by engine axle, burning tile and other serious accident to the machinery.
Effect of oxygen on the shelf life of oil
Oil is composed of base oil and additives, although the base oil are generally more stable, but play an important role in the oil additive stability to a lot of weak, confronted by the oxygen in the air is easy to produce chemical reaction, especially in sunlight, resulting in additive variable quality, dramatically reducing the oil antioxidant, clean and so on characteristics.
Effect of impurities on the shelf life of oil
Impurities mainly affect the cleanliness of oil, mixed with impurities in the oil will affect the lubricating effect of the oil, and even lead to abnormal wear of the engine, thereby affecting its sealing performance.


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