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Electronic throttle  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

Electronic throttle is a acceleration sensor, executive motor and two throttle valve position sensor. Gas are when the acceleration sensor voltage signal starts to change, and then to perform the motor voltage is changing, the motor open angle of the valve plate is changing, the two sensors is like (a spare set of) the signal to automobile ECU.
Electronic throttle is via cable or wire harness to control throttle opening, on the surface is cable to replace the traditional throttle cable, but essence is not only simple to change the connection way, but on the power output of the whole vehicle to realize the automatic control function.
When the driver needs to accelerate the accelerator pedal position sensor, the perception of the signal is transmitted to the ECU computer through ECU cable, computer after analysis and judgment, and give instruction to the driving motor, and a driving motor control solar term door opening degree, to adjust the gas flow in the heavy load, solar term door a big opening into the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder, if only use cable throttle pedal foot depth to control the solar term door opening degree, it is difficult to be transferred to the solar term door opening angle can reach the theoretical air-fuel ratio condition, and the electronic throttle through the ECU will be a variety of data collected by sensors are analyzed and compared. And tells the door actuator solar term, the solar term door to the best position, in order to achieve different load conditions and are close to the theoretical air fuel ratio condition 14.7:1, So that the fuel can be fully burned.


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