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Ordinary throttle  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

Ordinary throttle is have a throttle pull wire to control. He has a valve position sensor and step into the motor. The idle is a stepper motor control. Refueling, throttle cable to pull the valve sheet is opened, the throttle valve position sensor followed by rotating (it is a variable resistor), change the size of the resistance, and the voltage change signal to ECU.
The linkage between the accelerator pedal and the throttle is necessary in order to achieve step on accelerator pedal to control the opening and the closing of the throttle, this set of device is throttle cable system. Traditional cable throttle is through one end of the steel wire and the accelerator pedal is connected and the other end of the throttle valve is connected, the transmission ratio is 1:1. That is to say we are the number of foot and throttle opening angle is the number of.
Traditional throttle the rigid connection, through rod or cable transmission connection acceleration pedal and the throttle valve mechanical connection, so the throttle open degree depends entirely on the accelerator pedal position, namely the driver's operation is intended, but from the point of view of power and economic point of view, the engine is not always completely in the best operating conditions, and the misoperation of the driver to safety brings hidden trouble.
In hybrid cars, due to the multi energy powertrain is composed of engine and battery, rigid connection can not achieve the partition of energy between the power source management. Therefore, it will is flexible connection is replaced by the way.
The flexible connection mode cancels the traditional mechanical connection, and the throttle valve is quickly and accurately positioned by the electronic control unit. Its advantage is that according to the aspirations of the driver's demand and vehicle various driving conditions to determine the best opening of guarantee vehicle optimal power performance and fuel economy, and control function of traction control, cruise control, improve safety and ride comfort of the throttle.d.valve


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