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What is the function of the throttle  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

What we say is the throttle, which is often said of the throttle, by the accelerator pedal control. Used to regulate the air intake. At present there are two main types: one is the diesel nozzlemechanical type. The accelerator pedal, pedal drive is connected with the solar term door cable to open and close solar term door. This structure is gradually being eliminated. The latest electronic throttle, between the accelerator pedal and the throttle without traditional cable connection, but by an electronic sensor control, high control accuracy, improve the throttle lag phenomenon.
Throttle effect
Throttle is controlled valve, control the engine inlet flow control air into the engine of a decision engine operating conditions, the air enters the air inlet pipe and gasoline mixed (different styles of car and parts of the mixed design different), become combustible gas mixture, participate in the combustion of acting. Driver to control the throttle opening by diesel plungeroperating the accelerator pedal.
Whether it is a car carburetor or an EFI car and throttle are the same, is to control and regulate the air intake of the engine, the air by the throttle valve to enter only and gasoline mixed fuel air mixture formation. The carburetor type fuel injection is formed by the air flow in the intake pipe of the negative pressure will in the carburetor of the gasoline ceiling, are mixed into the cylinder. This way is more extensive, uneven distribution, the impact of emissions. The EFI cars is provided by the throttle in the vicinity of the air flow sensor and air pressure sensor of electronic signal, by the vehicle computer according to the parameters of control in the intake manifold injector fuel injection. Therefore, the intake of air determines the amount of oil and gas mixture. From this point of view, the opening of the throttle valve determines the amount of mixed gas.d.valve


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