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Working principle of overall type brake  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

Disc brake working principle 4
When braking, the piston 8 in the brake fluid pressure, promote the friction block is pressed to the side surface of the brake disc, brake caliper on the example of the friction block is pressed to the side of the brake disc, and inner and outer friction block brake disc will be the two sides clamped tightly to achieve the braking. Piston sealing ring 4 in the movement of the piston when the deformation, the lifting of the brake will be restored to the status quo, so that the piston back.
The brake clearance of the floating caliper disc brake is realized by the rubber sealing ring on the wheel cylinder piston. When braking, the rubber sealing ring deformation, remove the brake wheel cylinder piston is back in the elastic sealing ring under the action of. If the clearance is too large, the relative displacement between the sealing ring and the piston can be generated, which can automatically adjust the brake clearance. The brake clearance of Santana front disk brake is automatically adjusted. According to the different working process, the automatic adjustment device of the brake clearance is divided into two kinds of step type and one time adjusting type. The former mounted to the vehicle, it is necessary to carry out multiple braking action to eliminate the accumulation of excessive gap; the latter fitted to the car,, as long as after a full braking, which can make brake clearance is adjusted to the preset value. It is the sealing ring of the elastic deformation to achieve rectangular sealing ring 3 is embedded in the rectangular groove of the brake caliper cylinder, the sealing circle round and piston outer circle with a tight, brake piston 1 is pressed to the brake discs, sealing ring elastic deformation occurs, remove the brake sealing restitution, so will piston is pulled back in situ. When the brake disc friction lining block wear caused by brake clearance increased more than the piston arranged to form a piston in the brake fluid pressure overcome sealing ring of frictional resistance and to continue to move forward, the lines until full braking so far. The relative displacement between the piston and the sealing ring is compensated by the relative displacement of the piston and the sealing ring. This is the most simple way to adjust the disc brake.
Working principle of disc brake
Working principle of overall type brake
The overall type brake is characterized in that both sides of the brake disc are provided with an oil cylinder, and the piston of the two sides of the brake is pressed by the friction lining block, as shown in Figure 3-24. Due to the large lateral size of the brake clamp, can only be installed on the wide wheel.
Braking, the oil is pressed into the inner and outer two cylinder, the piston under the action of hydraulic will brake block compressing brake disc, friction and braking distance. At this time, the edge of the rectangular rubber sealing ring in the wheel cylinder is produced by the elastic deformation under the action of the piston friction force. When the brake is loosened, the piston and the brake block depend on the elastic force of the sealing ring and the elastic force of the spring. Due to the rectangular sealing ring edge deformation is very small, in the brake, the friction between the disc and the gap between each side only 0.1mm or so, it is sufficient to ensure that the lifting of the brake. Due to the expansion of the brake disc when heated, the thickness of only a trace of change, it will not happen "prop up" phenomenon. In addition to the sealing effect of the rectangular rubber sealing ring, it also plays the role of the piston back position and automatically adjust the clearance. If the friction plate of the brake block and the clearance wear of the disc increase, when the sealing ring of the brake is deformed to reach the limit, the piston can continue to move until the friction plate presses the brake disc. Remove the brake, the rectangular rubber sealing ring to push the piston back distance with wear before the same standard value remained.


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