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Working principle of floating caliper disc brake  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

Working principle of floating caliper disc brake
Schematic diagram of floating caliper disc brake. It with fixed caliper disc brakes on the difference lies in: the brake caliper body 2 can slide axially relative to the brake disc 1, brake cylinder is installed in the brake disc to the inside, and the number is half of the caliper disc, and the outer side of the brake block is fixedly arranged on the clamp body. Braking hydraulic force pushes the piston and the inner brake pad on the brake disc 1, and clamp by the counter force makes a tong body together with is fixedly arranged on the outer side of the brake block on the brake disc to the other side of until both sides of the brake block, equal force so far.
Working principle of disc brake
When braking, the brake pedal is stepped on, and the hydraulic oil from the brake master pump enters the braking oil cylinder through the oil inlet 5, pushing the piston 4 and the braking block 3 to move to the right, and pressing the friction lining block in the brake caliper to the brake disc.
At the same time, the brake oil cylinder by the same hydraulic, so the brake disc to the piston a to the left of the reaction force, the piston together with the brake caliper body 2 blocks along the pin is moved to the left, until the brake wheel on the right of the braking pressure to the brake disc.
At the same time, both sides of the brake block are pressed on the brake disc, brake disc brake disc brake disc forced to stop rotating.
When the hydraulic pressure in the braking cylinder is disappeared, the rubber ring on the piston is pushed to return to the original position, and the piston is returned to the original position. So that the piston with a rubber elastic deformation and reset, and the brake friction pad and the brake disc remains the original clearance, contact wheel brake caliper housing 2 bolt 5 and the bracket 1 is connected, bolt also doubles as a guide pins are used, the bracket is fixed in the front suspension welding total into the bearing base flange on. The housing can be axially moved along the guide pin and the bracket. The internal and external friction blocks 11 and 12 are arranged on the bracket 1, and the stop spring 9 is stuck by the friction block, so that the inner and outer friction blocks can be axially moved on the support frame, but not up and down. The brake disc 13 is arranged between the inner and outer friction blocks, and is fixed on the front wheel hub through a tyre bolt. Internal and external friction lining block is made of non asbestos metallic materials, and steel plate firmly bonding in together form the inner and external friction block.


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