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Oil related knowledge  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

Is the largest consumption of fuel varieties;
The boiling range of gasoline (also known as the range 30 ~ 205 C), 0.70~ density of 0.78 g / cm 3;
According to the performance of the fuel in the cylinder combustion of the fuel in the combustion performance of the advantages and disadvantages of the distinction, labeled as an octane number 70, 80, 90 or higher. Number more than large, performance is better.
Gasoline is mainly used as fuel for cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, and agriculture and forestry. Goods are added to gasoline additives (such as ANTIKNOCKS tetraethyllead) to improve the use and storage performance. Due to environmental protection requirements, the future will limit the content of aromatics and lead.
Diesel oil:
Boiling point range of 180~ 370 and 350~ 410 C two;
Of oil and its processed products, used to the boiling point or low boiling range is called light, on the contrary to become heavy. So the former is called light diesel oil, which is called heavy diesel oil.
Commercial diesel according to the stage of the solidification point, such as 10, - 20, etc., said the use of low temperature, diesel is widely used in large vehicles, ships.
Due to the high-speed diesel (Automotive) fuel-efficient than gasoline engines and diesel demand quantity growth faster than gasoline, some small cars to switch to diesel fuel. The quality requirements for diesel are good combustion performance and good fluidity.
Said the higher the better combustion performance with sixteen octane, Daqing crude oil made of sixteen Diesel Cetane Number is 68. The high speed diesel engine with light diesel oil sixteen alkane value is 42~55, low speed under 35.
Oil, also known as crude oil, is mined from the depths of the dark brown black combustible viscous liquid. Oil is a mixture of ancient oceans and lakes, which are formed by a long evolution, and are as fossil fuels as coal. The nature of oil varies by origin, the density of 0.8 ~ 1.0 g / cm 3, with a wide range of viscosity, freezing point between great (30 ~ - 60 DEG C), boiling point range from room temperature to 500 DEG C above, contained in a variety of organic solvents, insoluble in water, but can be formed with water emulsion.
Oil chemical composition is mainly carbon (83% ~ 87%), hydrogen (11% ~ 14%), and the remaining sulfur (0.06% ~ 0.8%), nitrogen (0.02% ~ 1.7%) and oxygen (0.08% ~ 1.82%) and trace metals (nickel, vanadium, iron, etc.). Hydrocarbons formed by carbon and hydrogen are the main components of petroleum, accounting for about 95% ~ 99%. The compounds of sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen are harmful to petroleum products, and should be removed as far as possible in the process of petroleum processing.
Different origin of petroleum, hydrocarbon structure and the proportion of the vary greatly, but are mainly three types of alkanes, cycloalkanes, aromatics. Usually in alkane oil paraffin base oil; naphthenic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons called ring hydrocarbon oil; between said intermediate base oil. The main crude oil in China is characterized by high wax content, high freezing point, low sulfur content, high content of nickel and nitrogen, and very low vanadium content. In addition to the individual oil field, the crude oil in the gasoline fraction is less, residual oil accounts for 1/3. Composition of different kinds of oil with different processing methods, different product performance, should make the best use of. The main characteristics of Daqing crude oil is high wax content, high pour point, low sulfur content, low sulfur paraffin base crude.


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