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High temperature and high shear capacity  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

The difference between gasoline engine and diesel engine 4
Corrosion resistance:
Babbitt gasoline engine main bearing and connecting rod bearing available soft material and good corrosion resistance. Diesel engine with high performance lead bronze bearing material or lead alloy, corrosion resistance is poor. Therefore in the refining process of diesel engine oil to add some corrosion inhibitor, in order to use to create a layer of protective film on the pad surface to reduce bearing corrosion, and improve the wear resistance.
High temperature and high shear capacity:
High speed gasoline engine, thus requiring the turbine oil has good shear stability; diesel engine compressed ratio is much higher than the gasoline engine, power is greater and diesel engine is on the piston compressed gas mixture, a sharp increase in pressure and temperature, to achieve ignition after the spontaneous combustion, so diesel oil to withstand higher temperature and shearing.
Clean dispersion:
Combustion oxidation produce large amounts of sludge, the need of turbine oil has strong dispersion properties of clay dispersed into smaller particles with small volume of gasoline engine, suspended in the lubricating oil, so as not to obstruct the filter; diesel engine compared to the gasoline engine, large volume, in the combustion process of formation a large number of carbon deposition and need to diesel engine oil has strong detergency, can be accumulated carbon as soon as possible wash down, to ensure that the engine's normal operation.
Coke cylinder wall formation, a part from the fuel part of the combustion products from oil. The lead content in the composition of coke (gasoline), so the larger lead content of turbine oil must be low, in order to reduce carbon deposition.


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