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Gasoline engine general 5000r/m, diesel engine 3000r/m  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

The difference between gasoline engine and diesel engine 3
Crankshaft speed:
Gasoline engine general 5000r/m, diesel engine 3000r/m;
Gasoline engine than diesel power small, smooth operation, low noise; light weight, small volume; axle neck and bearing spacing (general, 0.05mm of gasoline engine, dieselengine 0.2mm).
Gasoline engine emissions are mainly CO, HC, NOX, diesel engine is mainly NOX, PM, HC, CO.
Compared with the gasoline engine, diesel engine of HC and CO emissions are quite low, general only gasoline engine one of dozens of, diesel engine NOx emissions also and gasoline engine quite, but diesel particulate emissions about gasoline engine 30 times to 8 times.
Acid neutralizing capacity:
Due to the high sulfur content in diesel oil, so generated after the combustion of sulfide (SO2, SO3), with the engine cold start or frequent stop process (when the temperature is lower than the dew point) in the cylinder wall formed by the condensation of water, to generate a lot of strong acid. This will cause a strong corrosion of the metal cylinder system, and accelerate the aging of oil.
Therefore, the diesel engine oil has a high total base value (TBN), in order to maintain a good acid neutralizing capacity.
Wear resistance:
Higher the speed of the crankshaft of the gasoline engine, bearing is not easy to form and maintain the proper thickness of the oil film and lubrication; the machining gap relative to diesel engine smaller, easy to wear and tear. In addition, the engine of the gasoline engine is unique to the ignition and distribution system, the valve and the cam and the top rod system, high speed and frequent opening and closing, but also more drama of the wear of the valve system. Therefore, the gasoline engine oil has better lubrication performance, to reduce the wear and tear of the parts, and prolong the life of the parts.


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