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The difference between gasoline engine and diesel engine 1  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

1) fuel is different
Gasoline engine:
In the petroleum refining process to obtain light component fuel
Key performance index is the octane number and range
The octane number of gasoline antiknock (earthquake), said the index. Detonation is in combustion of gasoline engine, with the compression ratio and in cylinder gas temperature may appear a kind of abnormal phenomenon of spontaneous combustion. The higher the octane number indicates the stronger the anti knock ability.
For increasing octane number of gasoline and allowed to bear higher compression ratio, often adding antiknock additives, commonly used is lead compounds, so the gasoline lead
The distillation range is narrow, light fraction, volatile
Gasoline engine and diesel engine
Diesel engine:
The restructuring of the petroleum refining process of fuel, high sulfur content.
The main performance evaluation index: Sixteen distillation, cetane number, viscosity.
Cetane number, is the assessment of the diesel combustion properties (ignition) index is good or bad, distillation range said fuel evaporation, viscosity is a measure of fuel flow.
The fractions are heavy and are not easy to evaporate.


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