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what is automotive glass repair  (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

Automotive glass cracks sometimes can be mended, automotive glass is a double-layer glass glue, subject to external impact, if the strength is not enough to break it and only have cracks, intermediate bonding layer would be due to the role into the air and atmospheric pressure and separation, such as fruit to continue driving, crack area will is more and more big, affecting the line of sight and driving safety.
This time we need to make the car glass repair.
Auto glass repair
Automotive glass is mainly divided into two kinds of materials, laminated glass and tempered glass. Laminated glass is a layer of gelatinous membrane between two layers of glass, do not open up completely in the damaged rupture and diffusion. Even if a serious impact, rely on the middle of the plastic film can also be damaged in serious cases to ensure that the glass will not fall off and part of the scattered, still keep the relative integrity. Precisely because of this characteristic, in order to ensure that the driver set aside as far as possible to complete the implementation and safety, laminated glass is required to be equipped with the front windshield on the use of.
What is auto glass repair
Automotive glass repair is mainly in the cracks to fill the liquid resin, eliminating the gap. The material used for filling glass is a kind of liquid resin with high transparency, which can be quickly solidified by ultraviolet ray. The strength of the material can reach more than 90% of the original glass.
Glass repair process is not very complex, the main tool is a needle like structure vacuum syringe function is glass in the wound in the air removed, then fill the glass repair agent (liquid resin).
After repeated several times, after pumping, pressure, repair the space will be filled with at least 90% filled with fluid, then use the UV lamp up and down about two minutes each irradiation, so that the repair liquid. Machine is removed, the center of the wound will have a small gap, then to drop into the higher concentration of repair agent, a piece of glass cover, the same with ultraviolet lamp irradiation after drying, with a blade will surface scraping, coated with polishing agent cloth can be polished.
Auto glass repair
Usually a circular wound, after the completion of the patch will only be left with a small round marks or a spider's silk crack;
Long cracks will only leave a faint line, and only in a reflective point of view to see traces of repair, is still common to see a "seamless" good glass. And the strength of the repair department can be guaranteed, after hardening of the glial glass strength can reach more than 90% of the original glass.
Auto glass repair
In addition, the repair of the car glass is not any damage can be done, once the glass has been broken, or broken into pieces, are not repaired.
And if the crack is too large, the repair costs may be roughly the same with a new glass, and will leave a scar.
Therefore, the car glass repair, it is better to use in the case of small damage, can save time and money.


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