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hydrogenation of carbon removal technology (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

The conventional solution to car coke 2
1, hydrogenation of carbon removal technology
Technical principle
Hydrogen internal combustion engine or hydrogen combustion technology: since the Tenth Five - year plan, in the national Ministry of science and technology and strong support of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission of, Tsinghua University automotive safety and energy, State Key Laboratory of hydrogen, hydrogen storage and hydrogen in the car on the link in the carried out a series of studies, has made a lot of achievements.
Included in the hydrogen internal combustion engine and CNG hydrogen combustion technology, on engine design, the internal combustion engine combustion and pollutant emission and control of internal combustion engine and other fields of research, especially in relation to engine combustion gas mixture of hydrogen, systematic study of the various types of motivation, working conditions, control parameters, hydrogen blending ratio and other factors influence on combustion engine, analysis and research results show that:
Due to the involvement of hydrogen can broaden the engine lean burn limit, effects of excess air coefficient, thereby improving engine lean burn performance; in the empty burning ratio determined. With the increase of hydrogen blending ratio, combustion duration will shorten, indicating that hydrogen can indeed improve the flame propagation speed; air fuel ratio, hydrogen blending ratio is high, NOx emissions more.
This is because hydrogen is added to improve the combustion temperature, and high temperature is the main factor of NOx formation; hydrogen can reduce the HC emissions. This is because hydrogen can improve the flame propagation speed, reduce the quenching distance, thereby reducing the possibility of incomplete combustion.
C concentration due to the addition of hydrogen to reduce the HC emission is also a reason for the decline.
In the region with an excess air coefficient of less than 1.7, the hydrogen content has no obvious effect on the CO emission, but once the excess air coefficient is more than 1.7, the more hydrogen content, the lower the CO emission. This is due to the good combustion characteristics of hydrogen, especially in the case of lean fuel.
Altogether, through engine blended with hydrogen combustion, improve the combustion characteristics of the engine, promote the mixture of complete combustion, improve the flame propagation velocity and combustion temperature, flame concentrated heat, burning speed, strong penetrating power, promote the peeling of coke formation and combustion. On the car in addition to carbon test show that, by the separation of hydrogen into automobile engine, of automobile engine carbon deposition of physical removal, compared with the traditional chemical catalysis in cleaning, more environmentally friendly, more convenient and more thoroughly.
2 car engine in addition to carbon
Our company through many years of research and development, in an automobile engine carbon removing machine, with water as raw material, generated by the electrolysis of hydrogen and oxygen gas separation, power free combining with the circulatory system, make the equipment energy consumption and noise greatly reduced, significant energy saving effect. At the same time, the device with engine in addition to the demands of carbon, in the functional design, gas production rate, pressure and the proportion of the gas mixture, automatic monitoring and operation process of the intelligent carried out a series of research and development, exterior and interior design, control system uses a large number of advanced concepts and technologies, many national invention patents, and passed the detection of relevant departments of the state.


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