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The conventional solution to car coke 1 (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

The traditional method of removing deposits using mechanical curettage and chemical carbon removing method.
1, the disintegration of the law (mechanical scraping division):
Removal of carbon deposition by mechanical method, the general use of the blade or wire in the cylinder head, a combustion chamber surface and the top of the piston and piston ring groove and other parts of the machinery to uproot them. Mechanical curettage although has the advantages of simple work, but because of the carbon deposition and metal bonding is stronger, this method is difficult to clean coke, and very easy to leave scars on the metal surface and the scars will become the center of a new coke, resulting in more serious carbon deposit. At the same time, due to the removal of the engine to the assembly, the power, and the sealing performance will be inferior to the original factory, so under normal circumstances, clean launched the cylinder of carbon not regular, otherwise the engine performance will be greatly reduced.
2, not the disintegration of the law (chemical carbon removal method):
The chemical method is mainly used to remove carbon carbon removal agent to carbon deposition on the parts to be cleared and softening.
This method to remove coke is complete, it will not scratch the surface of parts. The process of removal of coke by chemical method is the oxidation process of polymer swelling and dissolution.
Carbon stripper coke after contact with, first of all in the formation of carbon deposits on the surface layer adsorption layer, and due to the interaction of the movement between molecules and carbon removal agent molecules and carbon molecular polarity, the removal of carbon molecules gradually to the interior of the carbon diffusion, and in coke reticular molecule polar group generated keys are combined with the mesh between the molecules of the polar force weakened, disrupt orderly arrangement of the polymer network, which gradually become loose to soften and remove.
Due to the chemical composition of cleaning agent in cleaning of rubber oil pipeline to have certain corrosive effect, the use of this method, be sure to pay attention to the use of the cycle and the interval time, otherwise it will speed up the rubber fuel supply line aging and corrosion.
3 advanced carbon removal methods
Recent market is a non disassembly cleaning of carbon removal method is in a routine maintenance to meet the conditions, each vehicle driving 2 million to 3 million km, in the engine disassembled the premise with special equipment a air intake system and the non disassembly cleaning, mainly is the vehicle inlet and exhaust ports, valve, nozzle, oil, etc. easy to form parts of the coke coke cleaning operation. At present, cleaning machine products on the market mainly have the following kinds of fuel injection nozzle cleaning machine fuel system cleaning machine lubrication system cleaning machine automatic transmission cleaning machine cooling system cleaning machine. Of course, the effect of this approach there is no a definite conclusion, remains to be further study and research, just by burning joined equipment cleaning products are unable to form has long been hard product carbon cleaning clean, it can only put the nozzle and combustion chamber, piston top part of newly formed near product carbon cleaning out, while softening the carbon bond resin and film formation. At the same time, because the pure cleaning will destroy some parts of automobile engine lubrication, if long-term use, will make these parts of the wear and tear of the sensor, the sensor sensitivity is decreased, the automobile comprehensive function is poor.


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