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The main parts of the coke produced (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

Coke is mainly produced in the spark plug electrodes, at the top of the piston and combustion chamber surface, a piston ring groove, valve components, nozzle, intake manifold gasket and muffler exhaust pipe inner wall parts
The spark plug electrode coke:
The spark plug electrode carbon electrode jump spark gap gets smaller, resulting in spark plug center electrode and the side electrode of the high-voltage spark becomes weak, when the coke is serious, after the wet fuel, equivalent to the spark plug electrodes connected in parallel with a shunt resistance, short circuit ignition electrode, causing spark plug leakage, consumption portion of the electromagnetic energy to produce the spark of enough strength, resulting in engine shaking.
Piston top and combustion chamber surface area carbon:
At the top of the piston and the combustion chamber surface area carbon after the cooling effect becomes worse, the combustion chamber volume decreases, compression ratio increases, the formation of hot will be caused by gasoline engine surface ignition ", resulting in the" burning "or" knock ", shorten the service life of the engine, the launch engine power and economy greatly decreased.
Piston ring groove carbon:
Carbon deposition can make the piston ring end gap, backlash is smaller or even eliminated, resulting in piston ring anvil node loses its elasticity, even a broken piston ring in the cylinder scoring malfunction.
The valve assembly and coke:
Valve and valve seat area of carbon, so that the valve is not tightly closed and the leak, the engine difficult to start, unable to work and easy valve ablation and other undesirable phenomena valve guides and valve stem Department coke gellan gum will accelerate valve rod and valve guide wear, will even cause the valve stem in the valve guide motion astringent and stuck, stuck valve failure.
Fuel injector deposits:
Nozzle coke, easily blocked nozzle, reducing fuel injector flow rate, even not injection, caused by lack of fuel injection pressure, poor atomization, resulting in the lack of engine cylinder operation or abrupt flameout.
Intake manifold gasket coke:
The parts of the coke could easily lead to reduced intake section, thick mixture, unable to complete combustion, resulting in increasing the concentration of gasoline engine emissions.
Exhaust muffler and three waycatalytic coke:
The parts of the coke serious exhaust air flow resistance increases, poor exhaust engine combustion is poor, temperature rise, power down, while the table area carbon will cause three-way catalytic converter jam, serious impact on the efficiency of three-way catalytic, lead emissions exceeded, shortened by three yuan catalytic the service life of the machine and oxygen sensor.


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