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Harm of car of coke (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

Motor vehicle exhaust emissions of pollutants mainly refers to the CO, HC and NOX, etc..
HC mainly refers to the fuel hydrocarbon molecules without burning completely.
Causes in the injector due to the carbon deposition of the accumulation of the atomization of the fuel injector is not normal, the HC compounds in the combustion chamber than combustion is expelled. This will not only increase the exhaust emissions, but also caused the decline in function of the engine. Due to the accumulation of carbon and more often mixed gas, the fuel can not completely burn and generate CO.
CO is a product of the hydrocarbon fuel that can not be completely burned due to the lack of oxygen during the combustion process. So in the normal operation of the vehicle, the car exhaust exceeded the standard, the main reason is the accumulation of carbon accumulation in the exhaust system.
Coke is a poor conductor of heat, temperature higher, its existence only occupy a certain space, and at high temperatures to form blazing hot, caused by gasoline engine preignition and detonation, affect the engine performance and service life.
Coke off the formation of abrasive particles caused by parts of the abrasive wear of carbon formation of high temperature particles would cause gasoline engine ignition advance and the power of the engine is decreased, the disturbance of coke accelerated pollution and deterioration of the lubricating oil and lubricating oil passage is blocked, destruction of the normal work of the lubrication system, thus causing parts of abnormal wear and tear.
For electronically controlled fuel injection system, excessive carbon deposition will enable throttle position change, make the computer receives the error signal and to calculate the error of the fuel delivery rate, fuel injection time, leading to excess oil, fuel consumption rose higher.


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