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Cause of carbon deposition (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-17   

Cause of carbon deposition
Effective solutions to prevent carbon deposition
In view of the above engine carbon deposition cause of our custom a series of solution to prevent engine carbon deposition, please see the following
One, regular maintenance and cleaning
Conditional words in the car when the regular maintenance can be the way to use a special cleaning equipment for easy to plot carbon parts such as intake manifold oil road for a free cleaning.
Two, as far as possible the use of high grade gasoline
Impurities in gasoline wax and resin is the formation of the main components of engine carbon deposition and that high cleanliness of gasoline to form carbon trend is relatively is relatively small, add high grade gasoline relatively low standard gasoline octane value is high, complete combustion and clean, to form a positive the possibility of carbon also relatively much lower.
Three, you can use the appropriate gasoline additives
Can use some brand reputation and good after-sales service perfect or is specified by the vehicle manufacturer gasoline additive, now on the market commonly used gasoline additive divided into two kinds: is mainly with combustion supporting maintenance gasoline additives;
The other is a clean type gasoline additive, which is mainly to remove carbon deposits. Can be used for different cars and car mileage to add the number of categories. Be careful not to mix the two different brands of gasoline additives, as there is a way to pay attention to the product description.
Four, to improve the speed of the manual shift car, free running speed
To improve the speed shift and high speed driving, it is used to prevent and reduce the deposition of carbon deposition and improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle by using a large amount of air intake to prevent and reduce the deposition of carbon deposition. General recommendations for the shift speed of 2500 to 3000 rpm.
Five, do not work for a long time in idle condition
Often idle exercise, easy to form carbon deposition, and the lack of air intake will result in and promote the deposition of carbon deposition. For the turbocharged engine formed product carbon possibility than the general naturally aspirated vehicle comes high, so pay attention to after the high speed or climbing do not immediately for stopping the engine flameout, should idle running about 10 minutes to avoid carbon deposition.


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