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What is the reason for engine carbon deposition? How to solve?     2016-01-17   

What is the reason for engine carbon deposition? How to solve?
Engine coke is a product of the fuel oil and lubricating oil, incomplete combustion.
Its production has a close relationship with the use of fuel and lubricants, environmental conditions, the relevant performance and its own quality. Therefore, usually caused by incomplete combustion of fuel and lubricating oil of the non normal to enter the engine temperature parts of influencing factors are the cause of formation of carbon deposition.
Cause of carbon deposition
The causes of carbon deposition are mainly in the following aspects
Gasoline engine mixture
Diesel engine fuel supply is too large, air filter or airway obstruction, so that the amount of air supply decreased, resulting in reduced air to fuel ratio, the fuel can not completely burn.
Ignition time or fuel supply time is not accurate
Combustion temperature change, it is difficult to ensure complete combustion of fuel. Premature ignition, the part of the combustion process will be carried out in advance in the compression stroke, so that the gas pressure in the piston to reach the maximum value before the stop point;
Increased fuel consumption by firing too late
The combustion process will be delayed in the expansion stroke, resulting in reduced combustion pressure, increased fuel consumption.
Engine temperature is too low
The spark plug or injector is not working, resulting in bad atomization or gasification, so that the fuel can not be completely burned. When assembling, the piston ring counterparts, twisted ring cutting direction of the groove installed anti piston ring elastic weakened or wear the end gap piston ring and the cylinder wall the clearance is too large or cylinder wall wear off very, causing untight seal, causing the oil combustion chamber channeling people.
The valve and valve seat sealing side
Valve stem and valve guide wear too much, too large, leading to the oil into the cylinder and the valve on the valve.
Poor fuel quality
More impurities, does not meet the requirements. The fuel quality has a great influence on the automobile emission pollutant, among them, the olefin and aromatic hydrocarbon and the metal material increase the carbon deposition in the cylinder, so that the emission of the tail gas is increased. The fine dust particles contained in the air can not be completely filtered out of the air filter, and the back of the valve can be washed with oil and gas, and the fine scratches can be caused by a long time. Fine particles from crankcase lubricating oil stored in scratches, under the high temperature formation of paint, after a long time of accumulation, and fuel mixture of wax composition coke formation.
The traffic jam makes the engine run at idle speed for a long time
Lead to gasoline engine mixed gas is strong, when is a richer mixture after different width and length and with certain curvature of the intake manifold, because of the different density of the particles of air and gasoline, air is easier to change direction, and particles from gasoline by inertial force continues to move toward the end of the manifold, resulting in mixing and uniformity of the gas concentration is poor. Can not guarantee the fuel completely burning.


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