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The flash point and ignition of gasoline and diesel (Dieselpartsworld)     2016-01-17   

What is the light
Ignition refers to the material when heated in air, and the lowest temperature continue to burn.
What is the flash point
The flash point is under the specified test conditions, the minimum temperature of ignition caused by applying a certain liquid vaporization and burning. Flash combustion is the liquid surface to produce enough vapor and air mixture to form a combustible gas, the case of fire flash ignition.
Oil flash point level showed that this oil of flammability, easy volatile compounds content, gasification and its safety. The oil is based on risk level to divide the flash point. In the flash point below 61 DEG C oil is flammable, flash point above 61 DEG C for combustible oil products. In the storage and use of banned oil heated to its flash point, the highest temperature of heating should be generally lower than 20-30 DEG C.
Flash point of diesel according to the different grades of GB made different limiting value diesel No. - 35 no less than 45 DEG C but not qualified diesel may only about 40 DEG C No. 0 diesel oil flash point from 50 to 70 DEG C
Gasoline mixed with gasoline oil flash point low 20 degrees Celsius encountered fire with the oil
Flash point ignition point
Gasoline "28" C 510--530
Kerosene 28--45 C 380--425
Light diesel oil 45--120 C 350--380 C
Heavy diesel oil > 120
Note 1: Diesel except No. 20 flash point of not less than 50 DEG C, the other is not less than 65 DEG C.
2: no significance for flammable liquid ignition, so are generally not marked. Such as gasoline can be burned at -30.
Spontaneous combustion of gasoline at 415 DEG ~530 DEG in the range of 220 DEG C diesel ignition kerosene ignition at 80~84 deg.
The most easy to catch fire burning gasoline is about 400 degrees, not love burning diesel but at 200 degrees Celsius, the fire point are not good point of burning kerosene unexpectedly is lowest, which is more than 80 degrees, which is why?
The main reason is not high the ignition point of diesel diesel easy a.
A material is easy to be lit in addition to considering the ignition, but also consider the the area in contact with air (oxygen), the contact area larger, also take part in the combustion reaction to a substance more, accumulation of heat faster, the material is easy to be lit, such as sawdust shavings is than a block of wood easy to be lit, shredded paper than on a whole book easily ignited is this truth.
The main reason for the diesel oil is not easy to ignite
Is because the diesel oil is not easy to volatile into gas. A layer of a layer that can be exposed to air only on the surface. So the diesel engine needs to spray into the fog like (into a lot of small droplets), that is, in order to increase the surface area of diesel, so that it quickly burning.
And gasoline is very likely to be volatile, even if the fire is not contact liquid gasoline, caused by combustion (movies often have such a lens match gasoline surface and a little distance away from the, gasoline and collapsed burning up. So the gasoline engine does not need high-pressure air, directly into the gasoline, you can directly ignite the spark plug.


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