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Function of suspension (Dieselpartsworld)     2016-01-17   

Suspension is one of the main assembly of modern automobiles. It connects the frame (or body) with the axle (or wheel). The main task is the transfer function in between the wheels and the frame (or body) to all the force and moment, and ease gravamen road in the face of the frame (body) of the impact load, attenuation caused by impact load, the vibration of the bearing system, to ensure the vehicle normal running, ensure the wheel when uneven pavement and load change has the ideal motion, to ensure that the car handling and stability of vehicle access to high-speed driving ability.
The function of suspension has the following several aspects:
(1) the road acting on the wheel on the vertical reaction force (Zhi Chengli), vertical reaction force (traction force and braking force and lateral force, and the reaction force caused by the torque is transmitted to the frame (or the bearing body), in order to ensure the normal running of the automobile.
(2) in the case of loading change, vehicle speed and steering wheel, the wheel must be kept in proper coordination with the axis to ensure the stability of the vehicle.
(3) to maintain the operational direction of the vehicle, in a variety of road conditions to ensure that the driver can effectively control the steering.
(4) with the tire, the buffer from the vibration of the wheel, so that the vehicle is comfortable, smooth running.
Suspension structure
Suspension although there exist various kinds of structure forms, but are generally by the shock absorber, the elastic element and the guide mechanism, in order to control the wheel travel and avoid interference with the suspension parts and other body or frame, usually with the buffer block.
In most cars and buses, in order to avoid the vehicle in the steering wheel lateral inclination is too large, generally have a lateral stabilizer.
Suspension parts:
(1) shock absorber
Function: the shock absorber is a main component of the damping force, its role is rapid decay of automobile vibration, improve vehicle ride comfort and enhance the wheels and the ground adhesion. In addition, shock absorber can lower part of the body of the dynamic load, prolong the service life of the vehicle. Now widely used in automobile shock absorber is mainly cylinder hydraulic shock absorber and the structure can be divided into double tube type, single cylinder inflatable type and double barrel inflatable three.
Working principle: in the wheel hop in the process, the shock absorber piston in the working chamber of the reciprocating motion, shock absorber liquid through a throttle hole of the piston, the fluid viscosity and liquid through the throttle hole and the hole wall friction, the kinetic energy is converted into heat energy emitted into the air, so as to achieve the function of vibration attenuation.
(2) elastic element
Function: support the vertical load, to ease and restrain the uneven pavement caused by vibration and impact. Elastic element mainly leaf springs, coil springs, torsion springs, gas spring and rubber spring.
Principle: parts made of high elastic material, when the wheels are subjected to a large impact, the kinetic energy is converted into elastic potential energy storage, which is released when the wheel is running under the wheel.
(3) guiding mechanism
The role of the guiding mechanism is the transfer of force and torque, and at the same time play a guiding role. In the course of the car, can control the movement of the wheel track. The classification and the advantages and disadvantages of various suspension


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