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Frame number how to look?(Dieselpartsworld)     2016-01-17   

The frame number is composed of 17 characters, the 17 characters can be divided into three parts.
Part I: WMI - world manufacturer identification code (1 - 3);
The second part: VDS - part of the vehicle (4 - 9);
The third part: VIS - vehicle indication part (10 - 17).
1 ~ 3 (WMI): manufacturing plants, brands and types; world manufacturing plant identification code (WMI)
First: the production of national and regional code
2-3 bit merging indicates the manufacturer and vehicle type.
But different regions have different meanings. For example, in China, LSG said Shanghai GM, LFV said the FAW Volkswagen, LSV said Shanghai Volkswagen, LHG said Guangzhou Honda, LVS said Changan Ford,, etc..
If it is imported cars, second characters can be referenced under.
4-9 bit (VDS): vehicle characteristic code, that is, VDS (descriptor section vehicle)
8 - 4 used to represent the vehicle type, series, body type, engine type and other information, the composition of the code and arranged in the order of the automobile manufacturing plant, so the various standards are not the same.
Ninth bit refers to the vehicle check bit.
10-17 bit (VIS): Vehicle indication information
The tenth model year.
According to table information, 30 years of a cycle of reincarnation.
Eleventh place: assembly plant. If no assembly plant, manufacturers can provide other content.
12-17 bit: automobile production serial number.
Although the vehicle VIN the world has a unified standard, but in addition to the basic requirements, the other data of different countries, different car manufacturers still have a great difference, and no uniform provisions. So if you do not check a little information, through the VIN you can get to know the vehicle information may be very limited.
Take VIN "LSGJA52U1BH003531" as an example.
Click to view original
If they are smart, by way of example to understand that this is a model of the 2011 Shanghai general motors. But if you want more, you can find the meaning of these Shanghai general VIN, you can get the following information.
Sum up:
The frame number is like a car's fingerprint, if the frame number of damaged or car scrap, do not have to cut the plate with the frame number, be sure to scrap the registration. Must be kept on the vehicle damage appearance, or to drive to Che Kwun certification that cars were scrapped it, or bad gangs may use scrap automotive chassis number, damaged under the pretext of the frame number plate and re paste to the car using scrap. This brings a lot of security risks to traffic travel.


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