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China's new energy is very recognition.(Dieselpartsworld)     2016-01-17   

Talk about hybrid cars in China

That around half a day circle, simply all electric not better? Thorough full power on the battery requirements are too high. Large capacity battery weight, heat more, usually not so much electricity, dragging instead is dead weight. Internal combustion engines and fuel is dead weight, but the energy density of the fuel is much higher, the energy density of the battery can not compare, at least in the foreseeable future battery technology energy density could not reach the level of gasoline, diesel, and new small displacement diesel engine emissions and fuel consumption has very low, the pressure of environmental protection is far from decades ago can ratio should not be killed by a stick. So Tesla that all electric cars may be too long time. On the other hand, the hybrid technology will be the main. Mercedes Benz in the next few years to launch 20 kinds of hybrid models, the vast majority of the existing series of mixed models, rather than the special series, such as the TOYOTA Prius. BMW, Audi is the same. This trend will soon spread to the world's second largest public and other mainstream brands.
But the world's biggest TOYOTA seems to be on the plug and full power, but to spend the effort in hydrogen cars, just to curry favor with the Chinese government is reluctant to launch the Chinese market proprietary. TOYOTA's reason is that the charging system is not perfect, will greatly limit the actual potential of plug and full power. TOYOTA is not without reason, but China is vigorously promoting the plug in system. With the executive power of the Chinese government, the popularity of the system is likely to be very fast, may be relative to Europe and the United States but turn overtaking.
Another problem is the clean power supply. If the power plug or coal, that low pollution is no good. But at this point, China's development is surprisingly rapid. France in Europe is of solar energy use earlier, scope bigger, but China in 2015, the first quarter of new solar power generation capacity reached 504 GW (only in Xinjiang is 1.1 GW, 438 GW of concentrated solar power plant, the rest is close to users of distributed small solar power station), a total capacity of solar power in France. 2015 plans to add solar power generation reached 17.8 GW, it is estimated to achieve at least 15 GW, 2.5 times more than 2014 new US solar power generation capacity. It is expected that by 2030, China's low carbon power generation capacity (estimated including nuclear power, hydropower, solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, may also include biomass) total 1438 GW, more than the United States, including the total generating capacity of low carbon and hydrocarbon.
Left for the United States, the right to China, gray for fossil fuels, blue for low carbon, red for the new low carbon units for GW
China's new energy is very recognition



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