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Talk about hybrid cars in China.(Dieselpartsworld)     2016-01-17   

For long-distance travel, small power internal combustion engine to ensure that the cruise is no problem. Acceleration by electric power. In fact, the design ideas, the car can be much larger composite power is obtained with a smaller engine, or the same engine, many new generation mixed dynamic run is the idea, hybrid power to thousands of horsepower, but internal combustion engine power "only" a total power of 2 / 3. Large luxury cars can do so. Mercedes Benz S500H actually used V6, but with the electric power and total power at least not over 5 liter V8 low, actual performance is quite vigorous, but the fuel consumption is equivalent to the V6. For low plug-in hybrid 1.6I4, 1.0I3, 0.6I3 and even have enough fuel, much of the potential. There is a hybrid nature of advantage, can four-wheel drive. Internal combustion engine parts in accordance with the front of the precursor (or the rear drive), electric power part of the rear drive (or the front of the precursor) can dispense with full-time all wheel drive many of the complex mechanical system. For most of the day-to-day application there is no need to full-time all wheel drive, time-sharing four-wheel drive enough. This electric power can not only for starting, acceleration or all electric commuter, but also in the muddy, climbing and so on need four-wheel drive to help people access, greatly improving the. Another advantage of mixing is that it can be flexible to decide when to enable electric power, which can provide new energy saving potential. For example, if you know that there is a big decline in front, you can go to the electric mode, the battery light, charging in the downhill, rather than using the brakes to slow down. If you know the front will enter the city, you can continue to use the highway on the internal combustion engine mode, in the city when transferred to the full power, enjoy the preferential treatment. Or the use of internal combustion engine mode on the city's rapid arterial road, in the streets into the residential area to turn into full power, reduce noise and pollution.
Gasoline engine is much more popular than that of diesel engine. It is because of the fast speed of gasoline engine, low pollution, smooth running and low noise. The advantages of large torque and low fuel consumption of diesel engine are compensated by electric power. On the contrary, there seems to be no particular advantage of the diesel engine. Diesel engine is suitable for a long time full load operation, is not suitable for the operation of the above and below. But internal combustion engine after all, can not get rid of hydrocarbon fuel, after all, there is pollution, this is a hydrogen fuel cell mixed animal or hydrogen internal combustion engine dynamic arena of the mix.
In the past to hydrogen fuel cells or hydrogen internal combustion engine hybrid is not understood, has no pollution why superfluous hybrid? Now want to see: though the hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen internal combustion engine has no pollution, pure hydrogen fuel cell powered or pure hydrogen internal combustion engine power back to the conventional internal combustion engine powered the old problem: to ensure sufficient acceleration performance, the engine needs to be cruising peak output much greater than output, actually increase the amount of dead weight and the loss of the system. The hybrid power helps to reduce the power curve to the peak and fill valley, in fact, it is advantageous to reduce the output of the hydrogen fuel cell or the hydrogen internal combustion engine.


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