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Hybrid electric vehicle.(Dieselpartsworld)     2016-01-17   

Hybrid electric vehicle (hybrid vehicle) is a vehicle drive system driven by two or more can operate simultaneously in a single system composed of vehicle, the vehicle power on the basis of the actual vehicle running state by a single drive system alone or together to provide.
Individuals have always been not in favor of a hybrid car, from the KISS perspective of the engineering technology, the hybrid has two sets of power systems, the death of a major, large system loss, maintenance complex.
But now it appears that the hybrid has a great advantage, in the foreseeable future may be a large number of alternative to pure diesel vehicles, and even delay the popularity of all electric vehicles.
Mixed power usually refers to the gasoline engine and electric hybrid, or diesel engine and electric mixed, most of the previous.
At first, mixed in the electric components of very little, mainly in the start, accelerate when the power, a greater role in the recovery of brake power generation. The whole journey is negligible, the main power is from the internal combustion engine, the charge is entirely by the internal combustion engine power, can not be used to plug in.
Now, the plug in hybrid began popular, full electric journey to the limit of the indoor commute, but one way is not more than 30-40 km, it is possible to achieve full electric commute, which can greatly reduce the fuel consumption. The plug-in hybrid is more reasonable than that of the non plug-in hybrid, which can make use of a little power grid. Power grid pollution, transmission loss and pressure on the power grid problems, but gasoline distribution is not without problems of, neighborhood gas station leaking caused by pollution is actually quite serious, the old gas station abandoned not to how many years before someone reluctant to clean up the site (usually need to dig three feet, the site and the underground soil all dig up and dumped chemical waste disposal field), rather than wait to developed into commercial or residential buildings, is the truth. It is estimated that the next step will further increase the full power stroke, but will not increase indefinitely.
The total electric travel of the plug-in hybrid is limited to the one-way distance of the daily commute. But taking into account the company car park is usually inserted in the power (especially in the United States and Canada, winter need to plug in the heating engine, or freeze), the company can charge during the day. This, of course, is "robbing", but now politically correct atmosphere, the vast most companies don't care this electrical, industrial use of electricity had not expensive, a few cents one million kilowatts. If so, it is estimated that the whole electric journey to 50 km or more will not be in rapid growth, and ultimately not more than 100 km of the general assembly. Higher full electric stroke on the battery requirements are too high, too large, too heavy battery greatly exacerbated by the shortcomings of the two sets of power.


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