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The most fuel-efficient driving method.(Dieselpartsworld)     2016-01-17   

The most fuel-efficient driving method
Avoid long time idling engine
Idle when the engine fuel consumption is much greater than the normal running, so long not to start the vehicle, such as parking and others, the best off.
As far as possible to avoid the sudden brake
Soft and smooth way of driving the most fuel-efficient, in the initial stage, and try to avoid fierce trample accelerator, the correct method is smooth acceleration, and after reaching a certain speed, should as far as possible to maintain a constant speed. In the crowded road, but also to see the front of the road, to avoid sudden brake. In this way, not only fuel, but also can prolong the service life of the vehicle
Reasonable use of high and low gear
Gear level will also have an impact on fuel consumption, high-grade can help reduce fuel consumption. We all know that if the engine is in a state of cooling, the efficiency of the work can not be achieved, it is completely correct. And we will adopt a wrong approach to deal with the situation, and in the winter, we in the stop of the first running engine, running to a certain temperature to start the vehicle, this practice is not appropriate, because this will increase fuel consumption and other aspects on the destruction of theenvironment. So start the engine should began to start the vehicle, with ordinary speed has been exercised to speed up to 2000 rpm, so it is efficient and reasonable. It is worth mentioning is that people a better understanding of the Skoda's green dynamic models are equipped with a shift, in this regard can play to good effect.
Maintain proper travel speed
Generally speaking, driving speed per hour 88.5 km when the most fuel-efficient, speed increased to 105 kilometers per hour, fuel consumption will increase by 15%, and per hour 110 to 120 km will increased by 25%.
Let the vehicle to maintain low wind resistance
At high speeds, a large part of the power to overcome resistance. Therefore, as far as possible not to load on the roof, or unreasonable modification. According to estimates, the roof of the installation of a luggage rack, will increase the fuel consumption by 5%. In addition, in the state of high speed, don't think window will open air conditioning fuel-efficient than, because windows will greatly increase the air resistance, but will be more cost of oil.
Do a good job in daily maintenance
Clean air filter and oil filter, the wear of the spark plug and the problem of emission control system can increase fuel consumption. According to statistics, maintenance of poor engine fuel consumption increased by 10% or 20% is very normal, and the air filter is too dirty, it may lead to increased fuel consumption by 10%. In order to maintain the best performance of the car, it is best to change every 5000 kilometers of oil, and check the filter, which is very important for the maintenance of the car. Http://www.qcwxjs.com/
Maintain normal levels of fetal pressure
The tire pressure is insufficient, the rolling resistance will increase greatly. According to the test, the value of the tire pressure ratio is low 2psi (pressure unit: pounds / square feet), fuel consumption will increase by 1%. The tire offset or excessive wear and tear may also increase fuel consumption. Therefore, it is best to check the monthly tire pressure. In addition, the use of some green environmentally friendly tires, the average can also be reduced by 8% - 3% of the fuel consumption.
The burden to the car
Cleaning up the luggage in the trunk is not necessary, it can reduce the weight of the car, it will achieve the effect of energy saving.
Select a reasonable route
Traffic jam, the car's fuel consumption is the largest. Therefore, in the big cities, should try to avoid the road congestion. For example, high-speed link choice detour, much lower than through the center of the straight road fuel consumption.
Fuel-efficient not only need we usually pay attention to some fuel-efficient skills, but also the need of automobile maintenance, in order to achieve the effect of the most fuel-efficient get twice the result with half the effort.


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