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teach you how to drive fuel-efficient.(Dieselpartsworld)     2016-01-17   

The most fuel-efficient driving method, teach you how to drive fuel-efficient
With the global energy shortage, gasoline and diesel prices rise, we have to find ways of our tools to save fuel, described below some driving fuel-efficient way, ensure drive up the most fuel-efficient.
1: to ensure the correct tire pressure.
Not enough gas or too much gas, it will increase fuel consumption, so should regularly check the tire pressure. According to the U. S. Department of energy's survey, as long as the tire pressure of each car is less than the standard 1PSI (pound / Fang Ying), the United States will have to consume more than 15 million liters of gasoline per day.
2: for fuel-efficient tyres.
For example, P6000 Powergy Pirelli tires can reduce the resistance of about 15%, so you can help save about 3.75% of the gasoline.
3: do not change the size of the tire. Http://www.qcwxjs.com/
Choose wider tires may make your car may seem to be more "sports car smell", but the wider tires, wheels, the greater the resistance, so unless you really need that extra ability to grip, otherwise you just wasted petrol money.
4: check your driver's wheel and tire on a regular basis.
Old cars, tires and steering wheel are often inaccurate, it will fuel.
5: with the lowest viscosity of lubricating oil. Http://www.qcwxjs.com/
You should have the lowest viscosity lubricating oil that you can use in your car manual. The lower the viscosity of engine lubricating oil, more "effort", but also more fuel-efficient.
6: a good maintenance engine, there is a problem to fix it immediately.
Because of the size of the problem, they will reduce the efficiency of the engine, a waste of your gasoline.
7: good care of the body.
A sag in the body will increase the airflow resistance encountered when the car is running. In addition, those flashy without substance decorations, will also increase the resistance, simply put them down.
8: do not believe that the higher the value of gasoline, the better the argument.
If your car needs only 92 octane number of gasoline, you hard to give it 98 octane gasoline it will not improve efficiency or power. So, the first car you need to check the gasoline octane number, do not let oil companies earn your money white.
9: do not "warm up" over.
Some owners like to drive in the morning, before starting the engine to make it a hot after the road, this is a good habit. But warm up too nine is no doubt with their own pocket too. In addition, you can actually let the car slowly travel one or two kilometers to achieve the effect of warm up.
10: when the car did not move, do not start the engine.
If you need to wait for some time in the car, turn off the engine.
11: do not step on the accelerator to speed up.
This will greatly increase fuel consumption, but can not save you much time.
12: what speed change for what.
Driving too long in the low-grade will only let the engine roar, but will not improve the speed.
13: do not over speed.
In general the car is concerned, 80 kilometers per hour is the most fuel-efficient speed, each increase of 1 km per hour, makes your fuel consumption increased by 0.5%.
14: clean up your car after the luggage compartment.
What's more, whether it's a pair of sneakers that are rarely used, or the remaining oil in a half can only add to the burden of your car, that is to say, to increase the burden of your pocket.
15: the first lover and then the road trip.
Many owners have not developed this habit, the result is often gone a lot of wrong way. The river is not popular at this time.
16: some oil saving products
For example, now on the market have additive \ saving paste \ economizer \ saving computer. Select what kind of fuel-efficient products, we must understand and carefully. Chosen to help their fuel-efficient. Selection is not good, with little effect.
17: CVT car starting, running, engine speed of 1800, 2100 RPM that slowly lifts the accelerator, which can position as soon as possible to enter high speed gear box, the same engine speed can lower 200 - 400 rpm, thereby reducing fuel consumption.


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