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The font color and background color plate.(Dieselpartsworld)     2016-01-17   

The font color and background color plate collocation represents what meaning
Large civil vehicles: yellow and black words;
Small civilian car: blue and white;
Special purpose vehicle: white red, black word "WJ";
Other foreign car: Black white;
Consular foreign car: black white and hollow, "the" word mark;
Trade license: white and red, the figure before the "test" sign;
Temporary license: white and red, the figure before the "temporary" two words;
Car repair license: white background black word.
Other car license knowledge
In large civilian vehicles, the license for the black and yellow.
Small, civilian vehicles, license for the blue, white.
Public security, special vehicle, the license for the white, red, black "police".
The armed police, special vehicle, the license for the white, red, black "WJ".
In military vehicle, the license for the white, red text: "south, wide......" Or capital letters, after the number one and the number of Arabia digital black.
In foreign car, the license for the black, white and hollow, "the" word mark.
The consulate, foreign car, the license for the white ink, and hollow "collar" word mark.
In other foreign car, the license for the black white.
Test, license for the blue and white figures, before the "test" word mark.
In vehicle license plate for the black and yellow, before the number of "learning" word mark.
In the temporary license for the red white, before the number of "temporary" two words.
With the license, car repair, as black and white.
The vehicle, "mobile card" for the red white.
Meaning of the representative of the automobile license plate
In addition, the name of a province, municipality directly under the central government, the autonomous region, the name of the autonomous region and the code number of the supervisory organ shall be in English capital letters.
The rear of the car number, generally 5 digits, that is, from 00001 to 99999.
Number more than 100 thousand, on the A, B, C and other English letters instead, that is, A representatives of 100 thousand, B 110 thousand, C on behalf of 120 thousand, the last letter and Z representative 330 thousand.
I and O in the English alphabet to avoid, so as to avoid confusion with the numbers 1 and 0.
The small number of foreign car license plates of the embassy or consulate of the consulate is the symbol of the establishment of diplomatic relations and has nothing to do with the supervision number of the region.


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