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Most of the car rear fog why only one.(Dieselpartsworld)     2016-01-17   

Now many of my friends bought a new car will find why only a light rear fog lamp! Then love guess friends immediately thought of which is the manufacturer of "Jerry" reasons! The rear fog lights only one? After the fog is only one there is a reason!
According to the European ECE R38 legislation, if body rear loaded on two star rear fog light words, fog lamp position must brake lights above 10cm apart. Carefully think about it is the leading cause of the European car factory use only a single rear fog lamp's sake. Due to the interval to 10 cm above, it will greatly damage the beauty of the entire tail groups!
Think this reason is too far fetched?
In fact, only a rear fog lamp which is a scientific credentials.
Driver for the symmetric light prone to paralysis of the reaction, and after the two fog lights and a fog, a fog can arouse the attention of the rear of the driver!
Rear fog lamp and brake lamp is very close to, after the two fog lamp easily and brake lights confuse, fog with in the back of your car because of the heavy fog and see, when close to your car, he will see two bright red light, the first reaction is that before the car in an emergency braking, he will also with immediately brakes, this way is likely to cause a series of rear end accident.
Why the rear fog lights on the left?
In our country the traffic regulations on the right-hand side of the road while the driver on the left, then left position can directly see the position of the vehicle for a judgment!
Summarizes the reasons for only one of the rear fog lamp
1. According to the European ECE R38 and regulations, most EU countries are allowed: a star or two star rear fog lamp. If configured with only a single rear fog lamp, its position can be in A. body is the central, or B. and driver of the ipsilateral. Configuration of two stars, you must is symmetric about
2. But because of the two star rear fog lamp will indeed easy to brake lights confused, so in the ECE r48 provisions: if the configuration of two posterior teeth fog lights,
Rear fog lamp position, must and brake lights above 10cm apart. (I think, which led to the European car factory to use only a single rear fog lamp. Because if the distance to pull more than 10cm, probably will damage the taillights overall aesthetic)
3. Rear fog lamp brightness, specified in the EEC 77/538: horizontal axis less than 10 degrees, and the vertical axis within five degrees angle range, intensity of illumination
Less than 150cd, but cannot be greater than 300cd. rear fog lamp shade area, cannot be greater than 140 square centimeters. Color is red, the color temperature not can be more than 2854K. CIE standard
4. ECE R38 also stipulates that after fog lamp can only be: the front fog lamp, lamps, or nearly lamp three including a lit before they can open rear fog lamp. And must be in not to close the front fog lamp state alone manually close the rear fog lamp.
5 car dashboard is relatively light, said rear fog light, must be [yellow]. Only January 1981 years ago, before the use of vehicles can be green
6 rear fog lights as early as 1950 began in Europe, in the late 1980 (~1990 year) after the introduction of the United States.
7 the United States and the European Union regulations: the car lights at least one (so do not need to install two)


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