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Antifreeze contact with the human body harm.(Dieselpartsworld)     2016-01-17   

Ethylene glycol antifreeze solution of its freezing point is about -30 degrees, antifreeze only to solve the antifreeze, other defects have not been resolved.
The product of ethylene glycol in human body is hydroxyl, acetic acid and oxalic acid, which is easy to cause the imbalance of acid-base balance in human body.
In the use of water vapor will evaporate into the air, the evaporation of antifreeze as long as the normal state, the concentration in the air is very small, will not cause any harm to the human body, but it can not be eaten. When the replacement is sprinkled on the ground, to the environment and the air will cause pollution, so do not have to properly deal with antifreeze.
Ethylene glycol antifreeze contact the human body when a short time is not affected.
If antifreeze long-term soaked to the skin, damage the skin, occasionally spilling a point, wipe with paper towel, then wash hands with liquid cleaning can be.
First aid measures of ethylene glycol antifreeze solution
Look above the formula to know that the antifreeze is not only a glycol, there are some other chemical items, those who listen to the name is very scary, too lazy to check, and contact the skin is definitely not a good thing. The following understanding of ethylene glycol antifreeze first aid measures, do not understand the reference,
First aid measures skin contact: remove contaminated clothing, rinse with plenty of water.
Eye contact: lift the eyelids, rinse with flowing water or saline. Medical treatment.
Inhalation: quickly from the scene to the fresh air. Maintain airway patency. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stops, immediately carry out artificial respiration, medical treatment.
Food intake: drink plenty of warm water, vomiting. Gastric lavage and catharsis. Medical treatment. If breathing stops, immediately carry on artificial respiration. Medical treatment.


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