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The latest environmentally friendly products are propylene glycol.     2016-01-17   

What is the composition of antifreeze?
The latest environmentally friendly products are propylene glycol.
Propylene glycol based antifreeze, 187 DEG C boiling point, freezing point - 59 DEG C, and in the thermal conductivity and freezing point of door and rubber compatible in terms of performance, and the type of ethylene glycol coolant quite, but in corrosion, toxicity and biological degradation has a glycol coolant and incomparable advantages. Anhydrous propylene glycol coolant, with a real anti boiling, antifreeze properties, with the performance characteristics of heavy load coolant. Although the current propylene glycol prices are slightly higher, from the comprehensive index and long-term use, it should be the first choice for the future.
Antifreeze is a mixture of water and antifreeze, the following is the most commonly used to understand the use of ethylene glycol antifreeze.
Ethylene glycol antifreeze knowledge
Ethylene glycol is a colorless, colorless liquid that can be mixed with water in any proportion.
Glycol appearance and properties: colorless, sweet, sticky liquid
Ethylene glycol antifreeze in the use of easy to produce acidic substances, corrosive effect on metals.
Ethylene glycol toxic, toxic to animals, human lethal dose is about 1.6 g/kg. However, due to its high boiling point, less volatile, will not produce steam was inhaled into the body and cause poisoning.
The water absorption of ethylene glycol is strong, the storage container should be sealed to prevent overflow after water absorption.
The ratio of water to ethylene glycol antifreeze solution is different, the freezing point is also different, such as 47.7% of the water and 52.3% of ethylene glycol mixed with antifreeze, its freezing point is about -40. Adding antifreeze in water also increases the boiling point of antifreeze, for example, the boiling point of antifreeze containing 50% ethylene glycol is 103.
Therefore, the antifreeze agent has an additional effect on preventing premature boiling of antifreeze solution.
Anti freezing agent, usually containing rust inhibitor and foam inhibitor.
Anti rust agent can delay or prevent the engine water jacket wall and radiator corrosion or corrosion. Antifreeze in the air will produce a lot of bubbles in the water pump impeller under agitation, these bubbles will hinder the cooling water jacket wall. Foam inhibitors can effectively inhibit the production of foam. In the process of using, rust preventive agent and foam agent will be gradually consumed, therefore, regular replacement of antifreeze is very necessary. In addition, the antifreeze in general also added colorants, so the antifreeze is red, green and other colors, in order to identify.
Anti freezing liquid formula
Deionized water 30-65.5%, 30-60% of ethylene glycol, azelaic acid dioctyl lipid 1-10%, diethylene glycol monomethyl ether 1-10%, sodium tripolyphosphate 0.2% to 0.3%, and poly phosphoric acid potassium 0.4-0.5%, acrylic acid salt 1.1-1.2% and 0.2-0.4 percent of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium hypophosphite 0.2-0.4%, phosphorous acid sodium 0.3-0.5%.


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