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What is the composition of antifreeze? (Dieselpartsworld)        2016-01-17   

What is the composition of antifreeze? Antifreeze contact with the human body harm

To say the composition of antifreeze, no matter what antifreeze is hazardous. The toxicity of anti freezing liquid to human body depends on the chemical composition...
The most toxic is the methanol antifreeze, but this antifreeze has been basically eliminated. But here we know more about methanol toxicity to the human body's nervous system and blood system the impact is the biggest, it through the digestive tract, respiratory or skin intake will produce toxic reaction, methanol vapor can damage the respiratory tract mucosa and vision.
What is the composition of antifreeze? Antifreeze contact with the human body harm
Now the most common is ethylene glycol antifreeze.
Ethylene glycol, the boiling point of 197.4 degrees Celsius, the freezing point is -11.5. Formulated with ethylene glycol antifreeze, as the coolant performance is the best, but not enough environmental protection, there is poison to the human body.
Ethylene glycol usually accounts for 30% of antifreeze ~ 70% people wrongly 30 ~ 50 ml antifreeze can appear obvious symptoms of poisoning, a drinking more than 100 ml can be lethal, once swallowed antifreeze should be early sent to hospital for treatment, not the effect.
Harm of drinking anti freezing liquid and its countermeasures:
Some time ago, Anshan, two men thirsty to drink when the drink is wrong to drink fierce drink, have been admitted to hospital, one of them because the amount of drinking too much, suffering from uremia, currently rely on dialysis to sustain life. The doctor warned, if eating poison, must as soon as possible to the best hospital gastric lavage, in 4 hours.
The 1 one as soon as possible after the tongue, vomit, and timely to hospital gastric lavage to remove poison.
2 severe patients should be in a timely manner to do hemodialysis, clearance of ethylene glycol and its metabolites, the prevention and treatment of renal failure have better efficacy.
3 at the same time, we should actively take symptomatic and supportive treatment, correct acidosis, maintain water and electrolyte balance, monitor the function of vital organs, prevent and cure brain edema, heart failure, pulmonary edema and renal failure.


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