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Engine mechanical failure. (Dieselpartsworld)        2016-01-15   

Check in, if the engine is faulty, and the engine fault warning lights are not lit (no fault code), then explain the failure of the engine may be in the mechanical part.
Generally speaking, most of the mechanical failures occur in the following cases:
Spark plug and high-voltage line itself is flawed; engine crankcase forced ventilation device of a valve or pipe blockage; the air filter is clogged; intake pipe leakage around or vacuum tube defects, these parts have the fault does not belong to the electronic control part of the fault, however, both caused by automobile motivation is not working properly.
For example, when the spark plug, high pressure line defects, often engine idling instability, to accelerate the fire off, the exhaust pipe of the blasting and other fault. Another example, if the air flow meter shell damage caused by leakage phenomenon, so that the ECU monitoring errors, and then will lead to the engine speed and running.
Most of the mechanical parts of the fault is a small fault, large mechanical failure occurred in the valve (valve timing, valve spring fracture, hydraulic pressure quite column plug) and ignition timing (timing gear mark wrong). Timing and ignition timing is not correct, the general need to disassemble the inspection.
In addition to the above and a cylinder and the piston ring with the gap is too large, engine oil blowby and bearing ring, such as also belongs to mechanical fault range, electronic monitoring system, this part of the fault are relatively easy to judge, it is not easy to confuse.

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