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Combustion system in diesel engine smoke the cause of the problem of exhaust system problems

4, exhaust system problems

If exhaust system installation is unreasonable, such as inappropriate tube carefully, too long, or muffler, etc., are likely to increase exhaust resistance

Force, make the diesel engine exhaust, lead to diesel smoke.
magnet valve

If need to replace exhaust system components (exhaust connection pipe and muffler), be sure to choose to the original exhaust system

Should and matching similar products, must not be less than the original exhaust connection pipe diameter pipe diameter, the exhaust muffler by quantity not below

The original muffler allowable throughput, and back pressure (silencer and exhaust resistance) cannot be higher than the original allowed values.

Under normal circumstances, if not for the modification of exhaust system, general won't produce exhaust backpressure exceeds bid. If the row
supply pump

Gas system has a problem, in addition to the smoke of diesel engine, and the following phenomena:

Diesel engine power shortage

. The diesel engine exhaust temperature is high

The fuel consumption is likely to increase

Confirm exhaust system whether there is a problem of the basic method is: tear down the exhaust pipe, start the diesel engine's speed, observe each cylinder

Exhaust smoke, if the smoke is normal, then diesel engine without their own problems. Then mount the exhaust pipe, start the engine
drive shaft

At the same speed running at low speed, the observation exhaust exit smoked, if the smoke is larger, the exhaust system have problem.

Method: after confirm the exhaust system has a problem, need to modify the whole system:

. Change the muffler, choose exhaust through the large amount of silencer and exhaust back pressure is small;

. Replace the diesel engine exhaust muffler and the connection between the tube, with larger diameter exhaust straight pipe and the great circle

Watanabe, reduce the right-angle transition.
pencil nozzle

5, and other issues

If smoke of diesel engine, in the after item by item, ruled out the problem, still cannot be ruled out, the diesel engine must be considered black

The smoke is caused by factors other than diesel engine itself. These factors include:

(1) the fuel quality problems

If you use inferior fuel, may cause serious diesel engine smoke. In addition, the diesel engine has the following phenomena:

Diesel engine power shortage

The diesel engine fuel filter often blocked
diesel element

Is abnormal. Diesel engine, the speed is not stable or accelerated

(2) environmental factors

. The environment temperature is too high, making the fuel temperature and inlet temperature, fuel gasification and gas input less, make burning

Become a bad, leading to diesel smoke.

. Altitude is too high, the higher elevation after, with the increase of altitude, air density will be reduced, the oxygen in the air

Content will be less, fuel under the condition of relative oxygen burning, cause, inadequate, incomplete combustion in diesel engine Smoke.
head rotor

Environmental factors lead to smoke of diesel engine, and the following phenomena:

Diesel engine power shortage

Diesel engine temperature, possible overheating

Fuel consumption increased significantly

If diesel engine don't smoke when working in one place, and to another job but smoke, this failure may be the ring

Due to environmental factors.
roller ring

Method: according to the environmental factors reasonably diesel engine power output and related parameters.

(3) the equipment matching problem

Diesel engine fault, smoke it is also possible that the diesel engine power output device and equipment does not match or q with the device itself

Topic, if the original diesel engine don't smoke, but after the replacement of the gearbox or torque converter smoke, is likely to be

Diesel engine and the gearbox and torque converter does not match.
injector parts

To confirm whether the diesel engine smoke due to equipment cause is:

. Start the medium-speed diesel engine operation, observe the diesel engine exhaust smoke color, if there is smoke measurement devices, can record at this time

Smoke intensity values.

. Pull down the coupling between the diesel engine and equipment, start the medium-speed diesel engine operation, observe the exhaust pipe exports smoked, and measured

The value of diesel engine's FSN.
fuel injectors

Proceeds to smoke value comparison to diesel engine smoke is caused by equipment factors. Especially when the wood is

Oil machine run idle smokeless colorless, as long as the work load or smoke, and severe drop in speed. Appear this kind of situation is mainly wood

Oil machine and equipment do not match.

Excluded methods: repair equipment or replacement relative matching power take-off.


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