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Combustion system in diesel engine smoke the cause of the problem of air intake system

3, air intake system

Air intake system is the main cause of the diesel engine smoke: air filter, or intake pipe resistance is too big. Normally air intake

Constant pipe resistance, air filtration resistance may change at any time.
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(1) the problem of air filter

If used inferior air filter, air filter dirt or may cause the recent resistance increased, make fresh into the cylinder Reduced the volume of the air, causing the smoke of diesel engine. If the original diesel engine don't smoke, smoke increase after replace the air filter, then

There is something wrong with the quality of the air filter.

(2) the inlet pipe

If the air intake system blocking or pipe is too long, are likely to increase the air intake resistance. Air intake resistance is too big, can cause diesel black
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The smoke. If the inlet temperature is too high, also can cause smoke of diesel engine.

Air intake system failure in addition to causing diesel engine smoke, and the following phenomena:

Diesel engine power shortage

Diesel engine fuel consumption increase

Confirm whether caused by air intake system faults of diesel engine smoke basic method is:

Air filter resistance: to start the diesel engine's speed, pull down the air filter (including paper core and felt core), and then observe the row

After the change of gas smoke, if you remove the air filter, reducing diesel engine's FSN, then there is something wrong with the air filter. If you confirm empty

Air filter quality no problem, you can further check the intake pipe resistance.

Intake pipe resistance: open diesel engine intake pipe inlet pipe outside the interface itself, make the air directly into the diesel engine intake pipe,

Then start the engine speed, exhaust smoke. If the smoke intensity decreases, the air intake system resistance is too large.

. Inlet temperature: if the exhaust pipe from the air inlet pipe is too close, or the exhaust outlet gas leakage, are likely to make the temperature of the inlet

A direct impact. If the engine idle speed, idling smokeless, smoke after loading, and the greater the load of black smoke, the more serious. After controlling for

After other factors you should consider the effect of inlet temperature. Under normal circumstances, the inlet temperature shall not be higher than 45 ℃.
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Excluded methods: replace new, high quality air filter, insert intake pipe and heating phenomenon of inlet pipe.

Special reminder: diesel engine in the case of no air filter will not operate for a long time, especially in the field more when environmental conditions And so.


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