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Diesel smoke confirm the cause of the problem and elimination method    2015-12-27   

To sum up, the fault of diesel engine smoke may cause a lot of, but for a diesel engine, a smoke of failure

The reason may be just one of the factors. How to determine and confirm the specific cause of smoke of diesel engine, is to rule out the reason
diesel plunger

The key of the disabled. The reason found, failure would be ruled out.

1, the oil supply system in diesel engine smoke confirm the cause of the problem and elimination method

(1), fuel delivery advance Angle is not correct

Of diesel engine fuel supply advance Angle, is to ensure that the fuel into the cylinder can fully burning after the best Angle in advance, model no

With, advance Angle is not the same. Fuel injection advance Angle is incorrect, make the incomplete combustion of diesel fuel is not sufficient, and would result in a diesel engine

pencil nozzle

A, fuel delivery advance Angle is larger

If the diesel engine fuel supply advance Angle is larger, the cylinder compression pressure and temperature are relatively low, will directly affect the fuel

The combustion performance of diesel engine preignition, fuel combustion is incomplete, diesel engine smoke badly. Fuel delivery advance Angle is larger in addition to the guide

To smoke of diesel engine fault, there are the following phenomena:

Have a strong sense of combustion noise

Diesel engine power shortage
diesel nozzle

Fuel consumption increased significantly

Humid. The exhaust outlet or drip phenomenon

Exhaust temperature may be higher, the exhaust pipe may have burned red phenomenon

B, small fuel delivery advance Angle

Small if the diesel engine fuel supply advance Angle, fuel injection into the cylinder when missed the best time, will lead to increased after the diesel engine combustion,

A large amount of fuel is not yet fully burning was ruled out cylinder, diesel engine would smoke. Fuel delivery advance Angle is small in addition to the diesel engine
cam plate

Smoke fault, there are the following phenomena:

High exhaust temperature, the exhaust pipe is burning red phenomenon

. The temperature is high, the whole diesel engine diesel engine overheat due to increased after combustion

Diesel engine power shortage

Fuel consumption increased significantly

Method: if confirm the cause of the diesel engine smoke is caused by fuel delivery advance Angle is wrong, as long as the fuel delivery advance
head rotor

Angle adjustment to the design point of view, the fault can be ruled out.

(2) fuel injection pump plunger and delivery valve serious wear and tear

Individual or all of the fuel injection pump plunger or delivery valve serious wear and tear will cause the fuel injection pump pump oil pressure drop, make the fuel injector (mouth) is built

Inadequate pressure relative lag, fuel combustion, after increasing, so serious diesel smoke. The plunger and delivery valve of individual cylinder

There is a problem, in addition to causing diesel engine smoke, not the use of diesel engine have much of an impact. But if the fuel injection pump

Most of the plunger and delivery valve serious wear and tear, while causing serious diesel engine smoke, and the following phenomena:
supply pump

Diesel engine start-up difficulties

Diesel engine lubricating oil quantity may increase

Diesel engine power shortage

. Diesel engine exhaust temperature is high, the exhaust pipe may burn red

Diesel engine may be due to increased after combustion and overheating

Confirm the diesel engine smoke is due to a valve plunger or wear caused by the basic method is:
magnet valve

Start a and pull down the exhaust pipe of the diesel engine, diesel engine's speed, carefully observe the vent exhaust smoke of diesel engine

Conditions, and find out stretching cylinder, replace the cylinder injector can (and do not smoke cylinder swaps), if the cylinder is still black

Don't smoke cigarettes, while the other cylinder, then you can confirm the cylinder fuel injection pump plunger or the oil valve has a problem.

B, also can not tear down the exhaust pipe, tentatively identified by single cylinder extinguishing method the plunger/oil valve or injector (mouth)
drive shaft

There is a problem, particular way is: start the diesel engine's speed, each cylinder oil cut-off and observe the change of the smoke exhaust export, such as

Fruit of a cylinder is broken after oil, diesel engine's FSN decreases, and explain the cylinder oil supply system (plunger/delivery valve or injector) has a problem.

Method: when these problems in the working process of the diesel engine, should check the fuel injection pump. If confirm the cause of the failure

Is because of the plunger and delivery valve caused by serious wear and tear, overhaul after the fuel injection pump can eliminate this failure.
roller ring

Special reminder: overhaul the fuel injection pump should be complete (full) change the plunger and delivery valve and related gasket, checking for each cylinder

Oil Angle and adjust the oil according to requirement.

(3) the fuel injector (mouth)

A, nozzle atomization, stuck or drip

When the individual cylinder injector (mouth) damage, i.e. when a cylinder injector (mouth) of atomization, stuck or drip is serious
injector parts

When, can cause the incomplete combustion cylinder fuel and cause serious smoke the cylinder. There is something wrong with the fuel injector (mouth), in addition to the wood

Phenomenon of oil smoke machine, there are the following:

Humid. The exhaust outlet, serious when may drop of diesel oil

Drops of oil cylinder piston to burn the top or the scuffing failure may occur

The cylinder may have intense combustion noise

B, the injection pressure is not correct
nozzle tester

Injection pressure is not correct (small or large), will affect the injector of press time, delay or ahead of fuel delivery advance Angle,

Make the diesel engine smoke while working. Injection pressure slants big, injection start time and may delay after the diesel engine combustion increase. The spray oil pressure

Small force, could fuel injection start time ahead of schedule, diesel engine preignition increase. The problems and phenomena and the fuel delivery advance

Angle is not correct.

Confirm a cylinder injector (mouth) whether there is a problem and confirm piston/delivery valve if there is a problem of basic phase method

With, but just swap injector, the cylinder is no longer smoke smoke, and the other cylinder is indicated that the fuel injector (mouth) has a problem.
diesel nozzle

Elimination method: change the cylinder nozzle or injector assembly. Replace the nozzle, should guarantee similar qualified products and strict

Check and adjust the injection pressure as required, careful observation of the injector atomization quality or whether some problems such as low speed drops of oil, to ensure that

Use good quality injector (mouth).

(4) there is something wrong with the fuel injection pump speed

Fuel injection pump speed has a problem, mainly is the governor speed regulating spring force is insufficient, will lead to speed and throttle control mechanism
pencil nozzle

Imbalance between the diesel engine starting from the start will be serious smoke. When a slight change of the external load, the diesel engine is more strong

The smoke billowing. If there is something wrong with the fuel injection pump speed governor, diesel engine run time and the following phenomena:

Diesel engine speed is not stable, may rise and fall automatically

. On load running, along with the load increase diesel engine speed down

The greater the. Diesel engine load, the greater the smoke

In single cylinder extinguishing method of inspection, there was no significant alteration of the diesel engine's FSN

Method: professional maintenance for fuel pump, replace or speed governor spring assembly.

(5) the fuel injection pump oil is too big

Fuel injection pump oil is too big, will also cause smoke of diesel engine, a large amount of fuel into the cylinder after steam fully burning was not excluded

Cylinder, increase after the diesel engine combustion. At this point, in addition to the smoke of diesel engine, and the following phenomena:

Fuel consumption increased significantly
test bench

. Diesel engine exhaust temperature is too high resulting from increased after combustion and exhaust pipe may be burned red

. May often appear cylinder or piston top burning phenomenon

Method: professional maintenance for fuel pump, adjust the fuel injection pump oil as required.

Special note: adjust the fuel injection pump oil, must consider the influence of the diesel engine fuel injector fuel injection pressure, because the oil

Quantity is under specific injection pressure oil. If there are changes in fuel injection pressure, fuel delivery also will have corresponding change. If the spray
pencil nozzle

Standard high pressure injector pump test-bed, and actual fuel injector fuel injection pressure is low, the actual injection quantity is greater than the adjustment of fuel injection

The amount. On the other hand, is less than the quantity adjustment of injection. The greater the pressure difference, the difference of oil. Such as injection pressure injector

50 the difference, the fuel injection quantity can vary by 20%.


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