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Final review (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-29    

Final review
1. Basic configuration: according to the auto configuration table itemized confirmation, there is no lack of configuration, or the same configuration case, there is no wrong corresponding
. truck accessories: with vehicle (wrench, Jack, etc.), mat, cushion (some models may not incidental these items).
3 anti-theft system: for the original car anti-theft function, the non destructive illegal entry, vibration and other aspects of the test, check the security system is reliable.
4 remote control functions: such as with remote control, but also should be detected whether the normal remote control, reliable, remote sensitivity.
5. Key: check each key for each of the car lock (deputy driver's side, trunk, fuel tank cap, etc.) to open and lock the reliability.
At this point, your car has been through a rigorous examination of your. If you find in the whole process of some small problems, such as paint draw fine, you can allow dealers to send you some decoration as compensation. Or you are particularly concerned about these small issues, you can also contact the vendors to ask for a replacement. If you check found relatively large problems, such as the engine abnormal, you should be with the dealer to argue that it must give change. If there is no problem, then congratulations to you, you can open the car to go home or go directly to handle the licensing procedures.


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