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Major differences in electronic control injection diesel engine from a gasoline engine   

In electronic control injection is the main difference between diesel and gasoline engine, gasoline engine electronic control injection system is a control of air-fuel ratio (the proportion of gasoline and air), the electronic control injection system of diesel engine is by controlling the fuel injection time to adjust the size of the output, the diesel engine fuel injection control is made up of the engine speed and the accelerator pedal position (throttle lever position). Basic working principle is based on computer, therefore, into the speed sensor and throttle position sensor input signals, first calculate the basic injection amount, then according to the water temperature, inlet temperature and inlet pressure of the sensor signal is fixed, and again from control set of position sensor signal feedback correction, the optimum fuel injection quantity.
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Electronically controlled diesel fuel injection system consists of sensors, ECU (computer) and the executive mechanism of three parts. Its task is to the electronic control of fuel injection system, implementation of fuel injection quantity and injection timing with the operating conditions of real time control. Use the sensor such as speed, temperature, pressure, type real-time detecting parameters of synchronous in the computer, compared with the third store the values of the parameters, after processing calculation according to the optimal value of fuel pump, exhaust gas recirculation valve, such as preheating plug to control actuator, drive fuel injection system, the diesel engine operation state to achieve the best.
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