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Inspection of motor vehicles (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-29    

Inspection of motor vehicles
1, start: start the process should be smooth, no jitter, engine, gearbox and other places no abnormal sound.
2, accelerate, accelerate (new car not rapid acceleration) engine speed over should be smooth, without sudden crackling and off the fire, temper and blasting phenomenon, dashboard pointer in response sensitivity. In the process of acceleration, when the gear shift (2000-3000) should not have the phenomenon of the car, it should be basically in a steady state.
3, normal driving: at different speeds (30, 60, 90 km / h) exercise in the process of vehicle shall be smooth, the car without obvious noise (lower top speed of small displacement cars may will be a big noise in high speed. Stable at a certain speed, the engine should be no abnormal sound, the corresponding pointer to the instrument panel should be stable, no significant fluctuations.
4, steering, driving steering mechanism should be flexible manipulation, "O" shape running, check the turning radius, when the wheels turn to the limit position should not be with other parts with interference phenomenon (mechanical steering is unfavorable to the direction of death, may damage the power system). Do "S" shape, check the flexibility of turning. Traveling road encounters rough and crushed pebble tires after beating should automatically return performance. In 20 km/h - 30km / h speed straight line, leave hand wheel, should not appear deviation, sideslip phenomenon.
5, brake: low speed brake should be smooth, the body does not nod phenomenon. High speed brake should be sensitive, rapid, effective, no deviation, sideslip, braking distance in accordance with provisions of the factory. For the new car should not be an emergency brake, it is not recommended to test the ABS system. In a certain slope of the ground, check the parking device (mainly the handbrake) is effective and reliable.
6, sliding: the speed is 30 km/h when the gear picks, sliding distance should be more than 160 meters (taxi distance with the car's assembly process, weight, tires, road conditions and so on). The general sliding distance is longer, a variety of internal friction loss of car is smaller, more fuel-efficient exercise. For EFI car does not recommend the use of neutral glide, because in the file under the condition of free deceleration when the engine braking effect, automatic stop the fuel injection; in neutral glide engine to be in a state, but to fuel consumption (with the onboard computer can note the changes in the instantaneous fuel consumption).
7, parking: parking in place to fully feel the effect of the rear mirror, reversing radar, the steering system should be accurate and in place.
The whole exercise process should always maintain smooth, quiet and comfortable, given different everyone's driving habits, hope everyone in the first test careful everywhere,action should be slow (each car design different habits, clutch / stall / braking / steering efforts are different), especially the just from the driving school to learn B the back more gently. With getting used to their car, driving performance and comfort feelings will be gradually improved. The majority of vendors will not allow you to actual driving, even if is allowed, in general, are also after you pay money to finish after finishing the procedures, when the car is already yours, so want to cherish and love.


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