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Check in car before starting (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-29    

Check in car before starting
1, clean degree: check the cleanliness of the car everywhere, should not have any dirty things, especially in the corner and other places, if it is possible to pick up the rest of the rest of the people or have problems with the adjustment of the car. At the same time it should be checked whether all finishes contain damaged places, such as hollow Taiwan, seats, roof, car floor, etc..
2, the seat: the seat surface should be clean, well, should be a basic comfort when riding, should not feel the impact of foreign body in the seat. If the seat can be carried out in a multi direction adjustment, should be carried out to adjust the test, must be able to reach the limit points in all directions, and adjust the process can maintain smooth, no no sound. If after doing can be folded, you should check the effect of folding. If the seat can recline angle should be adjusted to test the angle. If the head should be adjusted to adjust the check.
3, console: check in control of each part is complete, key is reliable (car is no ignition, basically can casually in), the surface is clean, should not have scratches and stains. With sun shading board, make-up mirror can be checked. For other keys in the car will also be in conjunction with the preliminary examination before the ignition, such as hollow door locks, windows, rear air conditioning switches, steering wheel on the steering, lights, etc..
4, storage space: check the car every storage space of cleanliness, reliability and open or closed. There are a lot of storage space in the car at present, as far as possible not to leave out, such as the hollow part of the multiple storage boxes, doors, seats below and behind, front and back central rail, etc..
5, insurance belt: carefully check each of the insurance with the pull, automatic recovery, the reliability of the lock, it should be smooth and smooth. Simulation and check the reliability of the insurance belt in the event of a role, is to use the hand particularly rapid pull of the belt. If it is a high and low adjustable seat belt, it should be adjusted and tested.
All the above mainly for car inspection, mainly the car more by the electric control way, many of the functions in the absence of fire cannot be tested (e.g. electric adjustable seat, window, rear view mirror). At the same time, the vast majority of cars have begun to use the electronic throttle, steering booster, auxiliary brake, these power before the ignition is not open, so if you do not meet the direction of the problem, such as the use of hiding power. These places are generally part of small non technical problems, so sellers and producers generally pay close attention to is not much, more or less prone, so be sure that you must be carefully examined and mince lazy. The reason why the proposed everyone before ignition of each of the keys of key test, is mainly on account of most of the car in the absence of the fire button is not working, don't worry to press the wrong button and influence to the function. In automobile ignition, please do not casually touch not use buttons, be sure to familiar with the instructions in again on these keys were functional test.


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