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Vehicle inspection before starting (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-29    

Vehicle inspection before starting
1, body Flatness: check the flatness of the body plate, the bumper, should not appear abnormal sag, uplift. Body anti - wipe strip and decorative lines should be straight, smooth transition, the gap at the same interface.
2, body paint: oexamine all paint, especially some easily in the process of transportation by scraping the surface. Color of the surface of the car should be coordination, uniform, full, flat and smooth, no pinholes, pits, wrinkled skin, bubbling, flow marks and scratches and so on, Harmonia boundary should be color clear, at the same time also needs to be confirmed without paint repair.
3, the window glass: check the glass with no damage and scratches, focusing on the visual effect of the windshield. Front windshield must have good light transmission, can not appear bubbles, refractive index of the abnormal region.
4, body assembly: check the front machine cover, trunk lid, door, fuel tank cap, headlights, tail lights, and other gap is uniform, with adjacent position of the body is in the same plane, there is no dislocation phenomenon. Check to open, close, whether smooth, sound is normal, you can switch a few times. At this point, together to check whether the seal is intact, uniform, smooth, the door handle or switch is convenient and reliable.
The 5 part: check whether the same tire, and the other 4 spare tire specifications and patterns etc.. View the tire is intact, there is no wear, there is no crack and foaming phenomenon. See if the wheel is clean, perfect, no dent, scratch. Also should be asked or measured tire pressure to ensure that the tire is in normal tire pressure and the four round of air pressure. When the tire pressure is in line with the requirements, in front of the car to watch the body, bumper and other symmetrical parts should be consistent with the ground. At this time, should also push and pull the tire side from the side, the feeling is not loose to. If it is a disc brake, you should also check whether the brake disc is in good condition, there should be no obvious wear and dirt.
6, trunk, trunk space is clean, the inner lining sheet is flat, if it is remote control opening, or the car to start, should check open whether smooth and locking is reliable. Generally the fire extinguisher, with tools, spare tire in the car, usually with a lining plate isolation, should be careful to check, take a look at whether they are complete and are reliably fixed. The trunk is installed in the multi CD changer should also check the changer, best to put a few discs, audio and video used to test.
7, the engine compartment: open the hood to see engine and accessories no grease, dust, especially at the juncture of the cylinder block and cylinder head, oil filter interface, air conditioning compressor, steering booster pump, and a driving shaft combined gap at without leakage. Check all kinds of liquid level (coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, electrolyte, refrigerant, glass water, etc.) are in the normal range of the highest and lowest calibration. Check whether the battery line has been fixed, not loose, otherwise it will affect the reliability of the circuit.
8, chassis parts: check the car with no (coolant, lubricant, brake fluid, electrolyte and refrigeration fluid, oil circuit) leakage phenomenon. At this point, together with the inspection of the parts of the machine if there is oil leakage phenomenon. If there is a leakage, from some of the vehicles parked for a long time on the ground, the chassis of the pipe and the convex department can see traces of leakage, oil stains. If conditions permit, may wish to see if the site has a thorough look at the site, whether there is a clear line of the pipeline unreasonable.
These parts of the examination results, may be related to the car's in-depth understanding, if their knowledge of the car is not a lot, it is recommended to invite experienced people to accompany. If of the retailer reputation quite believe, you can save them except body paint most of the inspection, because vendors in purchase theory should have help you checked, but individual scratch the paint is inevitable. Of course, if you can further check for example, whether the exhaust pipe is reliable, the fuel tank is reliable and so on.


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