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Remind the owner of a simple 7 car repair and maintenance skills (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

Remind the owner of a simple 7 car repair and maintenance skills
1 protection car paint with automotive coating replacement
Waxing, sealing glaze paint protection is in the high-end vehicle owners pay more and more attention to the automobile cosmetology project, often go to waxing, sealing glaze is a waste of time, automobile coating is a gradually replace wax sealing glair car beauty items, coating can the car paint completely sealed up in
Body forming a layer of hardness than the car paint 3-8 times the film, to ensure that the paint is not oxidized, corrosion, to avoid minor scratches, etc.. The automobile coating warranty time can reach 2-5 years, as long as the owner of the car center can protect the car paint. In addition, the interior cleaning and disinfection of 3
Once a month to do it, to the professional car beauty shop for interior cleaning, and coated with a layer of protective glazing agent can keep the car to keep the car feeling.
2 simple parts themselves can be replaced
Wiper and so on, these two replacement and inspection are relatively simple, to buy their own online brand, and then carry out a simple inspection and installation on it.
3 proper maintenance is scientific
Car maintenance cycle refers to the distance between car maintenance mileage or time. Periodic maintenance, don't like to spoil their children as spoil your car, frequentmaintenance although not a bad thing, but must periodically to avoid due to excessive maintenance caused by internal discomfort. Car
In the initial period is mainly normal maintenance, the cost is relatively low; when the vehicle is certain length of time or after a certain mileage will enter the maintenance period, the cost is relatively high. General car condition good new car, can be appropriate to extend the maintenance cycle; while the car is in poor condition or conditions of use
Bad, it should be appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle.
4 filter to the repair shop to replace
Always pay attention to the cleaning of the filter of the car. Don't underestimate it, it has a direct impact on your car fuel. In the process of the use of internal combustion engine, dust and other impurities will continue to be mixed with oil, and air and combustion of the exhaust gas on the oxidation of oil
That will make the oil has the effect of glial or sludge, which will not only accelerate the wear of parts, and easy to cause the oil plug. Therefore, regular cleaning of the filter for the car.
5 two years just need to change antifreeze
When the weather turns cool, once the cold air comes to a sudden drop in temperature, it is likely to affect the normal operation of the car cooling system. Then we must promptly release water in tap water with antifreeze. If your car has been using antifreeze, you do not have to immediately replace the. Antifreeze
Liquid replacement cycle for two years, the replacement cycle of general antifreeze is 2 years to 3 years or 30 thousand km to 40 thousand km. Some antifreeze store one year after, there will be a small amount of flocculent precipitate, this phenomenon is mostly caused by additive precipitation, do not have to throw away. If out
Now a large number of particles precipitation, which indicates that the antifreeze has gone bad, can not be used again. Need to be reminded that the replacement of antifreeze before the cleaning engine.
6 imports of tires is not necessarily the best choice
Car in the driving, in fact, to the four tires. However, in the purchase of various brands of imported tires, some people will inevitably enter the purchase of the erroneous zone. Many consumers out of psychological factors, more willing to choose the original imports of tires. In fact, the introduction of foreign
New tires for domestic users, the price is too high, and it does not necessarily apply.
7 adequate for tire inflation
Correcting the tire pressure is the most important part of the safety inspection. Tire pressure is too low will lead to abnormal wear or the tire internal damage tire pressure, too high will make the tires and wheels are more vulnerable to the impact of the uneven pavement deformation, even cause a tire blowout. Tire pressure must be checked regularly, except the spare tire, tire other at least two weeks to check a, and tyre pressure check must be carried out under the tire cooling, otherwise the heat will make the tire pressure increased, the volume rises are not allowed. Also don't forget to regularly check the spare tire pressure is normal
Car is really convenient for people's lives, but also let many owners do not understand the car feel car beauty and maintenance is very troublesome, actually otherwise, car beauty and maintenance although spends too much time, if the owner to find the methods of the project can also do a lazy
The owner, also allows the car to keep beautiful and good performance.


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