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Small car windshield injury why should quickly repair? (Dieselpartsworld) 2016-01-22    

Small car windshield injury why should quickly repair?
The front windshield of Miss Zhou by flying stones "wound", 2 cm "wound" is an eyesore. Need to change the windshield for such a small flaw? Experts said that if you do not repair the small cracks, cracks will slowly spread to the entire surface of the glass, while the small cracks are easy to repair, the cost of only tens of dollars.
Q: my car recently fitted with brake assist device, found the car always smacking the carbon canister. Does the brake assist have any effect on the carbon canister?
A: install the brake assist device has no effect on the carbon canister and additionally provided with a braking auxiliary device for carbon canister appear abnormal sound in May during installation encountered the carbon canister and cause the carbon canister to loosen the sound, should check the carbon canister is loose.
Q: the crane front windshield was hurt on the stone, only about 2 cm cracks, need to repair? How much money? Will not repair any impact on it?
A: the windshield broken will generally appear holes like or crack shape. Vehicle traveling in the process of constantly bumps and damaged shaped holes will gradually split, like shaped crack damage, if not promptly treated, the glass cracks will extend rapidly spread to the entire surface of the glass.
The repair of the windshield is not too much trouble, but to try to keep the cleanliness of the cracks, which is directly related to the quality of the glass repair. And should pay attention to prevent cracks in the water, the water will increase the difficulty of repair, affect the effect of repair. Generally repair the small cracks in the windshield need tens of dollars can be, so once the glass damage should be repaired immediately.
Q: the engine cylinder is leaking, what would you do?
A: slight leakage will not have an impact on driving may cylinder head seal is not strict, also has the possibility is the crankcase ventilation tube blockage caused by excessive pressure, suggest to do the relevant checks.
Q: to buy a new car, the normal driving a day later, smell engine front cover, a rubber unit burnt smell, this normal?
A: this phenomenon is not a good judge, mostly case is normal, because a lot of paint and rubber tube, automobile engine is not subjected to high temperature and weather the first high temperature will be issued a similar burnt taste. Just buy a plastic cup first pour hot water will have a pungent smell of rubber. Of course, do not rule out the quality of the reasons, it is recommended to check.
Q: my car in the D block N block when there is a clear jitter, has been cleaning the holiday valve or so, how to return a responsibility?
A: Japanese cars in the throttle too dirty or just after cleaning the holidays will appear this situation, but ECU has a learning function, running for some time will be normal. If you do not run after a long time to check the check.


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